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How to approach women in Charlotte Mall

In order to not be anxious about approaching women in Charlotte North Carolina you should have the Alpha Male Mindset. Alpha Male drives to shopping mall and if he sees a girl walking down the street he stops a car and goes to approach a girl. There is no  lot of targets that you can miss them. Other guys let their brain fuck them up. You brain just want to reproduce and get food. Your brain does not want massive success for you. So you should be over your brain.

So this woman I saw in car parking area with my buddy. She entered groceries store. I followed her and approached.

Step 1: Approach woman with a good energy

How to approach women in Charlotte Mall 1

Alpha Male bring positive, fun, optimistic, flirtatious energy. And of course he challenges a girl. If you come with this energy you can say everything you want. For example in this situation I said:

-“So you picking up groceries. You will cook for me. Haha”

You ask me how to approach women in Charlotte Mall – ask yourself, how to get in state of being fun and sexual. That is the key. Ask yourself – why she should talk with you? What are you bringing on the table? She has husband, money, life, ass. So why? But she misses REAL ALPHA MALES.

Step 2: Frame everything in funny way

How to approach women in Charlotte Mall 2

I mean I asked her:
-“How old are you?” – she said her real age – 35 years old. Then I framed it in funny way:
-“I thought you are 20 years old. I am 16 years old”. She started laugh and flirt with me. That is what she is missing in the relationship with her husband. Her husband does not bring fun, flirt, good rough sex, sexual energy.

Step 3: Use pua role play 

How to approach women in Charlotte Mall 3

Set roles – you are an Alpha Male, she is fucking weak woman who loves you accent and European style.  She asks me:

– “Are you from somewhere around here?” – a woman asks me.

-“I am from Europe and I watched lot of your American naughty videos”

See, I am not serious about nothing. If I see she likes it I give it more. She does not get it from husband, I give it for her. Later she will forget her husband and will sleep with me. Attraction in not a choice.

Step 4: Get into her intimate zone

How to approach women in Charlotte Mall 4

I mean those all Americans are lonely and separated by technologies. I am renting apartment where are swimming pool areas for meetup but no one comes here. They all watch their laptops and iphones. They lost all their confidence to talk with strangers and they gain bigger protection for environment. In order to seduce American bitch you should somehow enter her private zone. Intimate zone is around human half an meter.

Step 5: Close her

How to approach women in Charlotte Mall 5
Let that chick to bring her husband to my parties and I will show what the True Alpha Male is. I gave her my card and closed her. I do not have more time to waste with this chick.

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