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How to be an Alpha Male at the dance floor

alpha male mindset on the dance floorFirst do not pay attention for other people at all!

Become Alpha Male on the Dance Floor and attract women easily with your Alpha Male Power. Learn how to become alpha male on the dance floor. We provide the best Alpha Male mindset you can find on this earth.

If you are seeking others approval you are beta male. All people have a fair to dance at the dance floor. We all want others approval. It is beta male mindset. Alpha Man understand one very important  rule in life: if you are seeking other approval, they will control your life. You will not be such authentic and original. Instead of that do not try to be likeable for others, give them the opportunity to find it by themselves.  Never try to be perfect in others eyes. Never please their approval.

Instead of that they must please your approval. Their must please you attention. Alpha Man does not waste his attention for unimportant things. Other people opinion is not important for Real Alpha Man. He believes in himself. He is convinced that the happiness is there he is. All happiness is inside. All people want what he has.  All people search happiness in the outside. All strength and power comes from Alpha Man inside. What is the reason why Alpha Males are so charismatic type of the people.

Go without any fear of being rejected by other people. Do not afraid rejection at all. Instead of that, when you are rejected, think what was the main reason, why they rejected you, and go forward.

Go for Dance lessons, where is another successful male with women on the dance floor

night game coaching alpha male

Never take dance lessons where is unsuccessful dance teacher. Ask yourself: “is my dance teacher confident?; is my dance teacher professional?”Does my dance teacher get a results with women?” If not – do not go.  If you want to be successful with women on the dance floor you must go and train yourself by successful strong Alpha Male. If not, you will receive all bad manners from your unmanly teacher. Instead of that your teacher must be very confident, very skilled at how to lead and control women at the dance floor. Never be pity for money. Invest money to yourself. It is your future.  Invest on the good dance training.

Go every weekend to the night clubs and practice with many women

social dancing in charlotte north carolina

I became perfect at the dance floor because I practiced a lot. 5 Years I was going at the clubs and dancing with beautiful woman. It is the order for you 70 percent of your learning time go to practice individually. It means that 30 percent of your time you are learning with your teacher, and another 70 percent of your dance time you go and train yourself individually. It is the Alpha Male mindset for success at the dance floor.

Dance with women everywhere (at the date, during date time, at home and so on)

The more energy you will put – the more you will get. This rule applies in every area of life.  When I was dating beautiful clever ladies I was dancing with them on the dates. That was fantastic my idea. It gave me results. If you are sitting all time in the café on the date – this date will be boring for your girl. Why? Because you do not change environment, you do not change her state, you are boring. Try dance movements with you have learned at the lessons everywhere. Try it if your mom or sister at home. Try it with your co-worker. TRY IT EVERYWHERE YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY.

Do not be boring at the dance, improvise

The Complete guide to alpha male behavior for seduction and social dynamics2

If you do same dance movie 9 times, your girl will not want to dance with you further. It means you are doing same dance movies again and again. Instead of that do different dance movements. The more movements you know – the more time you will dance and keep girl interest on you. Girls lose their interest then guys are doing same movements, when guys are not improvising. Instead of that, do more spins, bend woman down, lift woman up, squeeze woman, do everything that you can.

Escalate everything till sexual

The Complete guide to alpha male behavior for seduction and social dynamics

Touch woman everywhere. The more you touch her, the more she becomes turned on. Turn her ON. Never give up if woman rejects you. Instantly go for other woman, take her, and dance. It is the order for you if you want to seduce woman at the dance floor and be an Alpha Male.


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