So how do you become super confident man in this complicated life? Here are some Must’s – Alpha Man priorities.

Alpha Man priorities:

1) Alpha protects and takes care of the closest people in his life (mom, dad, wife, baby boy, baby girl, brother, sister and others). Who are going to help you if the life circumstances take away your job and money from you? Nobody will do if you do not care about relationship with people mentioned above.

2) Alpha has a mission in his life and creates well-being for other people. A doctor can sell himself to the devil (do everything for the money) or have the priority – at first help other person and then the life will help him with his career. Of course doctor charges for his services, but these charges are affordable to others. The doctor can be ethical or unethical. Ethical doctor wants to help first and really cares, while unethical doctor follows evil whisper – prescribes the pills and tries to keep the person as well as his whole family on those people for as long as possible in order to make more and more money). Everyone makes money, but the question is HOW the money is earned. Also what are your priorities – just to make money or firstly sincerely help people and then be paid for that?

3) Alpha protects sheep from wolf. This means right Alpha has very high empathy and feels the environment around him. He feels bright and dark side things around him. If he sees or feels that someone is trying to hurt other person, Alpha steps up and protects. The more you will think about those around you, the more empathetic you will be and enable yourself to understand how others feel and see this world. Sheep cannot see wolf coming to hurt it. Alpha anticipates that coming and acts on it.

4) Alpha learns new skills and does it through his entire life. It can be singing, dancing, new languages, yoga, gym exercising, piloting, motor biking, yachting and other skills. That attracts women. By doing this you also meet your need to feel something new every single day.

I remember when I was going and learning yoga with my new girlfriend in Washington DC. It was new, it was amazing. But after two months it became boring. So we had to change studios or even start new activity like Salsa dancing together, hiking or learning to take amazing landscape images. You are going to lose your girlfriend / wife / significant one in your life, if you will lose interest in this complicated world (if you no longer will be interested to do something new together, to learn, if you will stop care about you woman and only focus on your own problems).

Confident man, be physical with the girl

5) Alpha is not afraid to have his wife as a leader in whole family. In Jewish families – mothers are the leaders of families. In many families mother s are the ones who control the whole act of family. And men are not like that. So it hurts their ego. But remember about empathy. The less you think about yourself and want to help others, the more presents life will deliver your way – to your success!

To sum up confident man – Alpha – has the right values. If you are going put money earning in the first place of your life, you are going to end this life alone. This is because you will sell yourself to the devil and you are going to end up this life in big pain.

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