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I remember when student told his problem. He was getting some numbers (cell-phone) from day-game, but was struggling on what to talk to a girl on the date, how to continue conversation? He approached a girl on the street, exchanged phone numbers and few days later went on a date. Here comes his pain – “I don’t know how to be interesting to her, how to chat up with a girl?”

There is an answer – You need to escalate a date by chatting up. You bring her closer to “getting physical” location by opening yourself and telling who you are, what you are doing here in this city, country. What are your roots? Where do you see happiness? And what makes you happy in this world? By chatting up with girls about this stuff at the same time you bring her have a cup coffee together at “Starbucks”. After “Starbucks” you pull her to the park and if she is your soul mate and chemistry with her is OK, you step forward and you kiss her.

Chat up with a girl

Just thinking on how to chat up with a girl on a date is not right mindset, because then you do not lead, you are weak on suggestions and have no masculine energy, no Alpha Man traits. You need both – think about 5 stories you’re going to tell her about yourself and think about location you’re going to go through together with her. Here are some examples Story + Action, Story + Leading, Story + Location:

1. How I end up being in this city + going with her to “Starbucks”;
2. How my parents have met each other + chatting up with girl while drinking coffee at “Starbucks”;
3. How I break danced when I was 16-23 years old + pulling her to your car or to the park;
4. How I watched a movie about how to make out with other person + triggering intimacy while sitting on the bench in the park;
5. Asking confidently and politely if she is OK for a kiss?

By doing those example you radiate Alpha Man traits – at the same time you talk (chat up with a girl) and lead her (take action). As a result your dates will be much more interesting to a girl and to you. You both will experience much more happiness than just sitting and chatting up at “Starbucks”.

Sincerely, to your and her happiness,


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