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How to convince a girl to kiss you and have sex

Hey guys! We have some temperature like 37 Celsius and throat sick


and we are feeling 4 days like this


We received today 4 girls info via online (Same Day bang systems) and we could meet, try to seduce and possible bang!!!! Easy and free sex. But we cannot do, because we feel not well and also we have a trip on Saturday to two Hens parties and we want our health to get back to good standing!

Our amazing top old follower wrote us: “Sorry. Feel better”. If it will not change, tomorrow will go to doctor. Why this thing happened in the first place?

We bought slim bed comforter. We felt that it is a little too cold to sleep but did not care. Thru the night, when we were sleeping, body temperature went down and we did not feel it. Such shit was enough to 4 days have small temperature and sick throat.

We have slept in the bed and now we will share amazing story with you with so amazing brunette, you cannot image what amazing round perfect ass she had!

So actually you never need to convince a girl to kiss you and sleep with you. You need to seduce her. And this infield perfectly fully shows how we first time kiss her and first time insert our penis.

This is sexy picture for you. Have seduce her on previous Sunday. Amazing ass. Can’t say anything. We turned turned and turned her on to the point where she could not go back from our apartment by not fucking us. We love this process. Is total seduction and turning on hot girls.

I used Same Day Bang V2 system from , received her info on Sunday’s 6pm which is unusual and signalized that girl will have less problems with her sexuality and will be amazing time!!

I went to meet her and she comes with white t-shirt and without bra, I could see her nipples!!!’ – which is so fucking turning on!!!, she also wears black pants and her ass look awesome. I started to pull her back to my apartment.

She said: “I started to dance as a topless dancer and for me it will be good practice to wiggle in front of the camera” – but she did not have a clue that actually I will seduce her, and it will not be just wiggle in front of camera. It will not be just simple shooting. It will end up with rough fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought: oh she will have much more less problems with her sexuality and will be so amazing time spent, that I cannot describe you! When I saw her downstairs standing and waiting, once I started go to her, my dick went up – I got a boner. I was without panties in nice classic sexy shorts, so she could probably see it and feel 😉

I started to pull her, she asked questions I heard multiple times, like: “why this thing in apartment? 😀 “, “why it is not professional studio? 😀 “

Once we came to apartment, she was not shy at all !!! She started to undress herself, not in the bathroom, but in the corridor, in front of me!!! I gave her black M size tight see thru black shorts and amazing colorful strings (panties). She took it, checked if other girl was wearing it 😀 and agreed to put it on her :D.

Our follower wrote us: “I wish there was a way to see the moment you truly seduce them/kiss them/lick their pussy. But i don’t often see what leads up to it. Probably the hardest part??? It’s cool to see you get her number, then you are fucking her. But it would be great to see that moment when dance and first sex and massage and remove clothes and lick pussy and then fuck!!! That’s why i will pay 25% more for full Charlotte Shopping milf– especially when you danced and pulled and kissed and licked pussy and started FUCKING like crazy!!!

I wrote my follower that during the seduction process girls and I leak very private personal information. But we will figure it out!! This infield with this Sunday’s girl will show full seduction up to first kiss and first time inserting our cock into her!!! also this infield shows full seduction up to first kiss, massage and banging.

I took alcohol bottle 999 Devynerios – Eastern Europe’s vodka 😀 from refrigerator and said her: “let’s celebrate our meeting 😀 hahaha”, she took the whole bottle and drank 😀 but actually I did not take shot glasses for drinking alcohol so we were drinking from whole bottle :D.

Because black tight see thru shorts were new they had label on it. I said her: you can walk to kitchen and cut it in sexy way”, and she started to do it 😀

I said her: “you can go to bathroom and make water to run :D”, she went and I turned her not for sex but did not gave me. She went back from bathroom with fuck me face 😀

She pushed her ass back, I putted down her black tight shorts and started turn her on and make to think about me more and more 😉

The view guys from behind to her pussy I cannot describe. Her skin, ass were total 10 point. Perfect Sunday’s female.

In the picture below I am kissing her, she is playing with my hair!!

I have seduced her and I am very happy because infield is pure amazing on showing how to seduce woman and kiss her and have sex. It is perfect infield to show what touches really works in real life and what turns girls ON the most!!!

We have infield of her , Applying system, Seducing at apartments. If you want to purchase it contact us



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