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How to get a Fuck buddy (+Infield)

how-to-get-fuck-buddyAll my clients and followers got fuck buddies who are at least 30 years old. She is older, not so beautiful, and she does not have so many options between men. If you wanna get a fuck buddy you should have a place where to have sex, she should be older with huge experience of sex, and she should enjoy sex. Moreover you should be very good in bed.

You cannot cum in 2 minutes. You should learn how to fuck a girl for 10-15 minutes, sometimes for 30 minutes or even 1 hour. You should use minimum 3 positions in bed, kiss her, dominate and shock in bed.

This girl came after 1 year. I did not see her for 1 year. I just texted her. Received message back. When I called her. She went with her female friend to city center and after it she drove with taxi to my place to have sex.

We drank wine and I said her:

-“You know what I remember? How we sat down in my car and I started…”

I pulled her to bedroom and fucked deeply and strongly.

Once again how to get a fuck buddy:

  1. Approach a girl who is at least 30 years old
  2. She should have sexual energy around her and you should see that she likes sex
  3. You should have an apartment where to pull her
  4. You should be good in bed



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  1. deryck says:

    How can you help me to also last in bed for long like 30mins coz I’m really bad.. keep me posted in my post. Nice meeting you.

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