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How To Get a Girlfriend Amazingly Fast Part 1

Asian multi billionaire haired us fly to Washington D.C. and train him how to become Real Alpha Man. He is 32 years old virgin Asian man, who is highly successful in his career and business but socially awkward. He never had a date, he never kissed a girl. He just worked very hard. We said to him rent apartment in Washington D.C center where will be our sleeping with girls place.

From our Dating Coach of Alphamantraining:

Just three days pasted from beginning of Alpha man training I got a new girlfriend and our client saw perfect example how to get a new girlfriend amazingly fast. As first time I came I analysed how we can seduce girls in the very fast and safe way. I gave Asian client system how to game girls in apartment and also save reputation. I gave him system from approach to sex when you see a girl back in your apartments.

Next day we went to gym which is in our apartment. I saw this girl. Cold-read her, collected information and approached her. In 30 minutes I pulled her to our room and seduced. We were dancing together, talking about her and me and having sex in bedroom. Later on she became my girlfriend as she is very smart and I feel great connection with her.

Our client was very impressed and inspired by how fast we showed him how you can speed up seduction process and get a girlfriend really fast. He thought that we would need to go far away from our apartment, approach other venue, work hard and pull girls all the way to our apartment.

To get a girlfriend amazingly fast is best to game girls who live around you. You will save lot of time, money, energy dating them, because they will live close to you. Unfortunately you should be very clever with reputation. Your girlfriend should live in another floor or better another building, but not in same floor. She cannot see how you will bring other girls. Later on maybe you will make her as yours wing-girl and she will go with you together to hunt other girls.

PART 2 How To Get a Girlfriend Amazingly Fast


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