How I Met My New Girlfriend at Gym in Washington DC

Hey Men! You can meet girls everywhere including girls at gym.Welcome to Alpha Man Training. My name is AMT Dancer and I am an executive AMT Coach. I fly around the world and train men individually on AMT Bootcamps that last from 5 days to 3 months. I always train each of my student with the end goal in mind – to solve his problem. Most of my students want to find a new girlfriend.

My new soul mate – my new girlfriend who I met at the gym in Washington DC was one of the most exciting adventures in my life 🙂 I can teach you too how to meet girls at gym.

Bootcamp is the real deal

Bootcamp at Washington DC to meet girls at gym

Before Washington DC Bootcamp I was in Poland (name of the city – Gdansk). I remember I just finished training with 49 years old client at the city centre and we were drinking coffee. This 49 years old man has divorced his wife. He was an immigrant from Middle East. It was hard for me to train him, but I did it. He met 22 years old amazing hot girl. Most importantly he understood AMT system. After the training he hugged me and said: “AMT Dancer, thank you for alpha man training :)”

I drove back to Lithuania (city name – Vilnius) and started to recover my energy before flight to Washington DC. My new follower – 31 years old Korean guy, who will meet me in Washington DC Airport. It was December 15th, time before Christmas. We knew with my student, that we are going to meet a lot of girls during Christmas and New Year parties. Before start of the Bootcamp, we had 4 transatlantic Skype training sessions and we both come to conclusion to do Alpha Man Training. My new Korean student was a virgin with fucked up behavior that made pissed off in less than 5 seconds anyone who was around him. He had no friends, no girlfriend, just his job. It was a hard job for him to wait for me.

Logistics when planning meeting girls at gym

We have left our stuff at our training and sleeping apartment and went to walk around the big building where our apartment was. There were 3 gyms, few yoga clubs, 1 grocery shop, and many stores selling clothes in this building. AMT follower was amazing. He bought new bed, placed it in the bedroom, bought new kitchen, pots, knives, forks, peeler, salmon and other stuff. The apartment had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, sunroof, huge living room. I had to share kitchen and living room with other roommate. However I was alone in the, because the roommate still did not move in to the apartment as it was Christmas time. AMT follower drove back to his apartment 5 miles away. I put my luggage and sat down in the huge living room. I was tired as I flew 5000 miles to Washington DC and the only thing on my mind was to go to sleep and wake up early. The new day and adventure was waiting for me and my new AMT follower. Though I didn’t went to sleep…

End of PART 1 (to be continued).

On the PART 2 will continue mu story how I met my new girlfriend at the Gym in Washington DC.

AMT Dancer


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