AMT System from Approach to Sex in the Gym

When AMT follower left the apartment I have created a system from Approach to Sex in the Gym. I have created this system in 2 hours with every line to say, with every Alpha Man behavior to get any girl at the gym. I walked around the building, double checked the Gyms, and carefully thought about possible scenarios how could I or my students end up the seduction process in this particular places or scenarios… And then went to sleep.

Next day early in the morning I woke up and went to eat breakfast. I ate and went to the Gym. I saw this hot brunette with 10 point ass in the grey shorts. She was running on the treadmill. There was another girl next to us, but she left. So it was a perfect situation for me with less risk to ruin my reputation if my approach was unsuccessful.

From approach to sex

I approached the hot brunette in grey shorts but she did not hear me. So she continued to run on the treadmill. Then I spoke up louder and she glanced my way, smiled, stopped the treadmill and said:

Hot Brunette: Hey, what’s up?! 
AMT Dancer: Hey…

With the Brunette I have used the AMT System “How to get girl at the Gym”. I cannot publish here the words I said to her, because the men around the world will start to use it and it will no longer work. I have a huge responsibility that I keep for those who have already learned AMT System “From Approach to Sex at the Gym”.

Interact with the girl with Alpha Man Behavior

In 10 seconds I have isolated the hot brunette at the other place in that gym and she started to ask me:
Hot Brunette: Where are you from? What are you doing here? How long will you stay here?

She bombarded me with these questions to know more about me while I was leading both of us (me and Hot Brunette) what exercise we should take next at the Gym. When she was doing an exercise on the ball, she lifted up her ass and I felt like very excited. 7 minutes ago we were total strangers and now she was lifting her round ass in tight grey shorts in front of my face. I enjoyed this view for couple seconds and continued Alpha Man behavior:

Hot Brunette: What part of Europe did you come from?
AMT Dancer: Easter Europe
Hot Brunette: What country? 
AMT Dancer: Lithuania
Hot Brunette: I don’t know such a country 

Overcoming obstacles in practical situations

I smiled and understood how small and unknown some Easter Europe countries are for USA people. They have never heard about these small countries in Europe. I pulled her up to the lobby and we sat down. Manager looked at us and kind of wanted us to leave this place:
Lobby Manager: Are you waiting for anyone guys?
Hot Brunette: No, we just sat down for couple minutes after gym.

I felt really amazing she stood for us and made situation clear for the manager, who envied and actually wanted to destroy us. Manager (female) saw how interested we were in each other, but the manager was bored. So she decided to cock block the Hot Brunette and get me. Unfortunately the manager have lost. At that moment I felt amazing and thought to myself – even if I and Hot Brunette will not get physical tonight, we will definitely going to enter the relationship, because we just clicked so well to each other.

End of PART2 (to be continued).

AMT Dancer


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