How to Get Laid in Melbourne - Where to Pick Up and Date Girls - post7097

How to Get Laid in Melbourne – Where to Pick Up and Date Girls

Match with her on tinder last year September .we went on a date together and she was too hot and charming I was wtf I have decided that today I gonna fuck her that’s it.
But she was fucking talkative and it was honestly a challenge getting a word in edgeways .
She was into me .we got food at the bar. She fed me BBQ. At one point she dropped a drink on my lap and then she rubbed my crotch with a napkin
She told me that she moved to a new apartment recently and invited me for the champagne.
She said that she was leaving alone and we bust the champagne drank and reacquainted and she showed me her new mattress within 30 minutes of being there and said get in try it.

I said I am obviously not gonna just get in your bed alone come with me she gets in but she quickly said I am not gonna sleep with you tonight though
So then I took her to living room played a music and sat on the sofa then we started chatting and listening to music
After few minutes I kiss her she told me that you are a good kisser but she doesn’t linger. Again started talking afterwards she look into my eyes and said you are a nice looking guy .
So here I started push pull after sometimes I again go for the kiss and kissed her for 2 to 3 minutes I was turn on

I get her lying down on me eventually with her clothes on and she spreads her legs and then I start massaging her pussy from through her leggings.

And then I start fingering her and get her moaning
She says I didn’t think you had it in you

Then she takes me to her room and you can see what happens after that

Nice headband, perfect sex

Great body Australian girl is fucked by AMT

We have this amazing sexy hot infield. Duration 1min 30 sec, pure sex scene. If you want to see how this hot sexy Australian chick in Melbourne been fucked, contact us.

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