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How to Get Laid in São Paulo – Where to Pick Up and Date Girls

OUR infield and lay report:

Photo cropped from our talking:

I was in sao Paulo brazil in december 2021 went club to pull a girl to my hotel room. So I entered this club a 3 in the afternoon. This Brazilian milf whos a waitress their welcomed me saying something in Portuguese.

I replied ni entindi Portuguese (meaning i dont understand Portuguese )
I pulled out my phone ‘s google translate and wrote a text so she understans what i want.
She also started typing on my translate and she understands what i want .
She also started typing on my translate and she showed me the menu. I chose a beer and i went inside .
I looked for the washroom . after peeing came out and saw the sane waitress is standing in the common

Wash basin area of the male and female washrooms

She smiled at me , and i thought lets game on her .i complimented
Her hair through google translate
And she started blushing .she replied with a compliment in Portuguese which translated to i like your eyes

I wrote , lets have dinner together later , what time your shift ends?
Me : cool ,its 3:20 now , i’ll have a beer and come back later . theb we go to my hotel room.

She replied lets see and we exchanged numbers.

I pulled her little inwards and kissed on her cheek and held her hand gently.she blushed and said something in Portuguese . i gave my phone to her , she wrote i’ll see you later , later me work now.

Was having my beer and got a text from her.
Listen? I wanna show you something
(She’s using the translator )
Me : yes ?
She:i liked the sensation of your lips

Me : i like your smile.
Finished my beer then came back to the entrance and spoke through the translator that i m looking for a good place to have lunch . i left by 4:15 while doing some kino on her hand. Had a nice lunch there by 6:15 pm
She texted me around 6:20 that she ‘s leaving early and she’ll join me at same bar where i am ,in 30 minutes

By 6:50 pm i had closed 4 ,5 numbers by then as back up i replied come soon baby 😘

I went out to get condoms by that time she was seated at the bar .i saw she had already ordered 2 beer for us . I saw her went to her she gottuo and we hugged and we french kissed for 30 seconds and i sat next her

Was confident that i’ll pull her for sure.kissed a lot more times seduced her and escalated normally like i do . ( which learned from your infield ) she said control .

All the talks are happening through google translater only .she mentioned that she’s a single mom with 2 year son. We chatted fir 1 hour and then left for my hotel

We madeout again in the cab and i got her in the hotel room .she entered the bathroom and was taking a long time inside. So i knocked jennifer?

She replied si? Entre ( meaning come inside)

I saw her full naked in the shower.
I am like wtf her curves are too attractive than t thought brazilian huge ass 🤤🤤 . i removed my clothes instantly and

Started fingering her pussy i m like this is a proper brazilian ass !
Got her on my bed bang her ass abd we went for a 7 rounds till the 9 in the morning and we slept together naked

She really loves it and enjoys as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This brazillian slut so nicely puts her hands on the wall for AMT’s dick

We have her infield. If you are interested contact us by inserting a link of what you want. – has evidences from approach to sex with sex scenes with 40 different girls, shooted everything, from approach to sex and with sex scenes


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