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How To Go Out Alone And Fuck Girls In Clubs

AMT student and coach have seduced this hot blonde together. Hot blonde: “You know it is not appropriate to touch me”. AMT coach shows dancing techniques which are in DVD: Night Game program “How to dance with a woman.

AMT Student is on a date. AMT Coach: “We will do seminars couple times a week. You! Come to Alpha Man Training!”

In this video we would like to share amazing client’s success story. He is 53 years old from Sweden. Most of his time he was going to night clubs with his friends. He was feeling awesome: you go to clubs, you have some status – friends are around you, but once he entered clubs, his friends took table, ordered drinks, sat around the table, and when try say to girls: “come girls, sit around the table, join us“. This thing was taking up to 5 hours, because after this night club they were going to other bar and eventually to home. And more important they were spending quite a lot of money. At least 200 dollars per night or even more.

And there is no results. Yeah sometimes they fuck girls, but what kind of girls they fuck – they do not like, because those girls do not love them. There is no love. Girls use them, use for drinks, they use their resources and they leave. A client told us: “I can continue this thing but I want to learn something new” and we sat down and we explained him, there is an option, – You can STEAL a girl and we trained our client. For example there are 5 girls’ group, 4 girls, 3 girls does not matter. You will be able to take that girl from the group and leave a club like in 7 minutes!

And a client like: “Really? There is a system??”, AMT: “Yes, but we protect this system, we cannot share online publicly, it is private”

A client already bought 50 percent of our products, have been on our seminars, we trusted him, he trusted us. So what we did?. He took bootcamp and we started to train him. We started to train him a system. One of Alphamantraining coach worked with him: how to go by yourself to night clubs and take one girl from group. They went with a client to nightclubs and one after another club – no girls! AMT coach: “Sometime you go for hunting and there is no girls. You should accept that sometimes could happen such thing, because it is not under your control. We went to third bar and it was that group with that member. And our client took that girl. Our client spent 7 minutes in a bar.

And in 7 minutes he pulled that girl out from bar to one private location, we cannot reveal it, pulled to another location and had sex.

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