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How to Have Sex With Her for the First Time

Hi guys, how are you? We are amazing. One idiot wanted to promote his bullshit product by writing such comment under the product’s name which is on amazon (we will not write this product name, because we are not promoting bullshit:

“I saw him on youtube his english is terrible I had a hard time understanding his english
I don’t know if he’s Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian or Ukrainian anyways from Central/eastern Europe

Please IMPROVE your accent lose it cuz you will lose many potential clients because of bad pronunciation or bad grammar. We as clients don’t have patient to understand your bad english.

Take it as constructive feedback and adapt. I can’t comment upon the quality of your materials as I have not bought them yet.

I would recommend to talk with some of his former clients yourself over phone or email to check if those client reviews and videos are accurate and he really delivers value for the high price he asks from clients. As far as I can see those are not by any means low prices it’s quite a small fortune actually to invest.”. This comment was wrote by using amazon product’s name and that is why this idiot wrote this comment, because he wanted to promote his product on our website. But of course we did not prove this comment. So we responded by destroying this idiot with arguments and logic:

“you are wrong, because:

1. Our US clients understand us well because they invest into products and write amazing reviews.

2. We work with them individually, they are sending us private facebook and email messages and we are answering them

3. We talk with other English people over skype and they understand us

4. We had US girlfriend and lived with her and she understood us.

5. Our clients hire us travel to their countries and we do private trainings where we face 0 problems in terms of English because we together fuck American-British white 18-25 years old most beautiful females!

So your comment is wrong because you are cheap idiot who wants to promote his bullshit product on our amazing website and fuck you with your stupid product, because:

1. It does not have prove videos and photos of from approach to sex AND WITH SEX SCENES!!! with 30 different girls what we have, where we paid 0 money for them and have seduced them without any money!!!


So this idiot got our reply to his email and his arguments and logic ended up. So let’s get back what happened few days back! It is so amazing guys, and so turning ON! She had so big, juicy and amazing ass in those black strings, can’t say anything.

We got her information via internet. We used on facebook nad other websites this system – Tricking 5 Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Personal Information . A slut thought that it will be serious meeting but did not imagine what kind of player she will meet!!

She replied: “I cannot meet today 8pm, but I can meet next week on Monday”, I wrote: “8pm would work for you?”, she replied: “yeah”. We replied: “Text us when 20 minutes will leave”, she replied: “Okay”.

So the weekend passed. I fucked 5 different females at 1 bachelorette and 1 birthday party on Saturday. In the photo below blonde with her amazing ass sitting on me and will ride me as fuck!!!!!!!

Here in the photo I isolated total 9.5 blonde who had husband. I fucked her and putted sperm into her.

In the photo below I am pulling her strings and inserting my penis! It is so guys exciting. I am without condom inserting my full blood of penis to this beautiful blonde’s vagina and she really loves it and needs it.

So just imagine with what kind of amazing energy I started my new week. When I walk thru the street or I am in the bus and see those people faces who are bored in life because they are dumb, because they do not have brain how to make their life more interesting and exciting!

I forgot about this female. Monday came. I was preparing go to garage and I got this message: “I will be in 20 minutes” – turns out this great juicy ass female writes that she will be in 20 minutes. Oh fuck!!!!! I quickly started to prepare our pickup hidden cameras. Got dressed up. And after 15 minutes went 7 minutes away from place where I stay to meet her. I tricked her go to my place. Turned on for sex in 30 minutes and fucked her so hard that for her will be hard to walk for two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures for you guys to enjoy my new trophy ;). She is totally relaxed. She placed her hands to side, I am touching her ass and pussy.

New slut, amazing big ass. Can’t say anything. When she pushed back her ass in black strings to me, ass was something insane and awesome!! seduced by using this system:

This is review from our client who watched this product: He said that trainign material was very detailed and clarified for him a lot of things.




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