How to impress a girl who loves dogs and cum inside her next day - post6939

How to impress a girl who loves dogs and cum inside her next day

To maintain my privacy I go 2-3 kilometers away from a place where I sleep. Those females walk their dogs in their neighborhoods or 1-2 blocks away from where they live. I approached her with her dog, made photo with a dog, seduced her and scheduled coffee date tomorrow 3pm. I met her, drank coffee, she payed for it, I pulled and fucked her so strong that she would not be able to walk her dog for two weeks without feeling pain in her pussy!!! I cum multiple times into her womb!!!!!!!!!!

In the picture below she walks her loving dog, which is very similar looking to TOP ours follower’s KRK dog from Dallas.

In the pictures below I am roughly and with big passion fucking her. I said her to put blindfold on her eyes, so she would have better sex experience.
Her pussy was very hairy but she was no shy to finger her clitoris while I was roughly fucking her without a condom and putting my sperm into her womb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cum so much into her that my spermatozoids will fly and destroy her birth control ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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