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How to Impress a Single Mom and Put sperm to her in 2 Days

OMG men what happened is so amazing and turning ON!!! After receiving calls from senior investigators I sent written statement to senior police investigator:

“On 10/07/2022, I received calls from senior investigators who did not read court practices on such topics like rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT and not understanding what questions to ask and what material to take when a person comes to the commissariat accusing, complaining about such a topic.

Next, what if someone writes an air complaint on me, where is the evidence to support it? You get aerial
message and you are already rushing to call me – to talk to me. The person providing you with complaint about me have to prove, which is not the case. Therefore, this is a waste of time, and I am for the female journalist I proved it, but you couldn’t help me and your colleague didn’t.

Based on what I wrote above, I expect:

  1. That your senior investigator will read the judicial practice, and to the idiot, who came to the police station, will ask questions, and take the evidence, and the composition of the crime, and then attach it to me by email with evidences to…[email protected], the composition of the crime, the circumstances and then he will call for an interrogation, and he will not waste
    my time.
  2. That your senior investigator will start work and call the female journalist for questioning and apply Criminal Code to her for defamation, because 1. The one who spread untrue information about another person, which can to disparage or humiliate that person or to undermine confidence in him, through a means of public information or slandered a person, as if he had committed a serious or very serious crime punishable by public fines by labor or fine, or restriction of liberty, or arrest, or deprivation of liberty for up to one year.”

The next day senior investigator called me and said: “Hello, I received your statement, I just need some more information that for you would not need go to police station” – he wrote an official report with more info and I did not need go to police station. I also complained him about everything what I want from their work. So I got benefit from a call. He also said: “how we would work in the future?”, I said: “I do not know what your boss gonna do, but any other dumb female who will come to your station you need to take composition of the crime, unquestionable evidences which will support it. Of course that dumb female would not have it, so you would show her doors from where she came. If she reported via online – you would not investigate air complaint”, senior investigator did not say anything, because he does not have any arguments and evidences to say and show that I am wrong.

So my mood was broken by senior investigator but I still every day go one time, at least, to groceries. I go to bus stop, I jump to the bus and go to to sit down. And in front of me I see single mom hugging, brushing to each one’s face, with her boy. Everyone in the bus is serious, I feel strict atmosphere, but everybody, by observing her love with her boy, feels that atmosphere become more full of love and niceness. In the picture below she is keeping her boy and they both looking thru the window. Amazing!

My mood was broken, I really did not want to approach. She looked back to me and hold eye contact for almost 3 seconds. My penis went up and I approached her. I said: “that is so amazing to see you guys having so much love! What the name of this amazing strong boy?” so I started to play with him and that female was in shock how I am brave and do not ask her permission to play with her boy!!!!

In the pictures below next day I am fucking her and making doggy position her new favorite pose!!!! I putted my sperm into her womb!!!!!!!!!! Multiple times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her hair looks shorter and blacker in those photos, but that’s because of the low lighting in the dark room and because she let her hair down. In the photo of the bus, it was daytime, with lots of light, and her hair looked lighter. We have infield of her (Explaining how we seduced her, her marriage status, fucking). If you are interested into purchasing it – contact us.

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