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How to Manipulate 19 years Old Girl Who has a boyfriend And Take her home For Sex

I got into the bus and was driving to water park, to relax and refresh my-self. My attention got on this girl standing in the middle bus, totally black dressed, with heels, she seemed young maybe 19 years old. I just had few bus stops because I needed to change the bus.

I approached her. Quickly using social ninja style with AMT Systems I exchanged numbers with her with idea to see each other tonight. Her hips were wide, her ass was big, and also I think she got the tits. Face also beautiful.

I went to water-park, spent 2-3 hours, got back to home, called her. She did not answer. Texted. She replied that her boyfriend would not allow her to go with me. I destroyed her mindset about the boyfriend and relationship she has with him with AMT systems and arranged to meet each other at city center on 8 pm.

Meeting her at city center on 8 pm, manipulating her, and pulling

I was 7:30 pm at city center. She replied me that she is late and she will be not sooner than 8 pm. On 8:10 pm she came up. During that time I just scanned for same day lay targets but nothing saw. Went to meet her. She dressed the same I approached her. I manipulated her emotions and changed where she wanted to go with me.

We went to coffee, I manipulated her emotionally, she got invested and we went to bus stop. She was saying: “where we are going, where we are going?”, I have destroyed it with AMT systems. I was feeling like Social Ninja, who knows what to do, and who knows what he is doing. We got into the bus, started to drive away from city center.

It was amazing to see how her mind could not process what is happening. I said her to sit down in the back of the bus, I was drinking tea and enjoying the time. She was telling me why she chose this city and this specialty she is studying right now. A girl who has a boyfriend is going where I am saying. Unbelievable power of AMT Systems.

I manipulated her to go to my place and have sex

As we are 3 kilometers away from city center she is asking lot of questions and I am destroying all of it with unbreakable AMT Systems. She said: “I am not gonna go to your place!” “What?” And look to the picture below

I am manipulating her mind into liking the whole situation and me, I am manipulating her emotions, I am tricking her to get laid with me now. She pushed back her ass and I saw her red thongs coming out from those black jeans. This was the most awesome moment for me.

I have manipulated her to spend this whole night with me. Her boyfriend were calling and we were having sex.


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    Yes, this is the kind of quality content I subscribe for. I want more of this yes give me that good shit alpha male energy simply exudes from every pore of the owner of this (alpha) website I am totally feeling the self confidence needed to go out there and grab me a piece of ass from a female. Thank you!

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