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How to Meet a Girl at the Beach and Seduce her

I went to the beach 9:30 am morning, I walked to right along the coast and I see this hot slim 35+ years old sexy blonde sitting in red bikini. I placed my backpack back to her, watched her, putted swimming pants on me, went to the sea, and said her: “Water is not cold? 😉 is it safe here to swim?there are no holes in the water?;)” she responded: “I do not know, for me it is cold go to water. Probably no holes in water.

And also today is yellow flag so they let to swim people 🙂“, I said her: “okay will try 🙂“. So I went to swim, water was around 20 degrees Celsius, was very refreshing and kinda cold and I went back. Told her that I had two dancing orders in two different cities and came her. I told her where I stay.

She told that she bought condo in this resort, she walked in the morning from condo to place where we are 2 kilometers and she is working with documents at some private company or government companie, do not remember. I will call her Grace (her original name is Greta).

I talked to her, told story what happened to me with host when I came where I stay, that I came late night 22:30 and he was searching me with the light in the darkness 😀 , she laughed, we packed our stuff and started walk towards where I stayed. I pulled to my room and fucked the shit out from her!!!

To your powerful success on seducing women on the beaches!!! One day you will shoot me with infield camera how I approach and seduce on the beach!!!!

I fucked slim beach 35+ blonde to the point their all neighbors around the house where I was staying heard some woman hardly moaning screaming. It was my last day at that house in resort. Yes it was hard for her to walk because she was feeling pain in her pussy and will feel for two weeks!! 🔥 I fucked and fucked her non stop. Drank 3 liters water per that fuck

I liked the whole setup, house near the sea. People imitate that they are good people. You can hear neighbors phone’s message notification. Very thin walls. All that pulling fucking and when host’s female friend bent over in the kitchen and hold that ass for almost 10 seconds!!!! Nobody does like this!!!!!!

Host’s female friend was old but slim and with black pants. Bent over in front of me specially

I pulled host’s friend and fucked when he was away somewhere
I meant she bent over pushed ass back to me in the kitchen. Why to not pull and fuck her? So I did it

Host’s female friend who is 50+ years old slim blonde bent over in front of me “searching food in refrigerator”. Wanted to be roughly fucked!

We have both of these females infields. If you want to purchase it contact us by inserting link to video what you want and writing exactly what you want with time stamp. Thank you a lot!



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  1. Nude dude says:

    Another amazing story. Thank you for this report. I learn a lot and it gives motivation for me to approach

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