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How to Overcome Approach Anxiety Forever

If you have not needy energy – you beat approach anxiety and you easily approach girls in USA. If your energy comes from a place where are scarcity, not funny, concentrated on getting specific results with girls, you done. Especially if you are newbie. Advanced guys are over their emotions and they can choose their goal and go after it.

I mean I am PRO in pick up. My client is newbie. In order to beat him approach anxiety we need to change our focus: from getting numbers we change to creating solid connection. We approach not to get numbers. We approach to create solid connection and then girls by themselves will ask our number. And we will answer:

-“You know what, I am not into numbers, let`s go to get some drink” – and when we will pull. We will make from approach to sex. We call it Same Day Lay.

In order to overcome approach anxiety you need to discover a system for yourself how to build up your energy. You will wake up in the morning and you will feel sad, not outgoing. You will need to pump you up.

Step 1: Buy good speakers and listen your favorite music

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15 minutes before leaving your place turn on night club pop music. Turn music witch you like. Listen audiobooks about time management, marketing, Alpha Male laws and so on. Prepare your mind for a day.

Step 2: Approach random people you like on the street to maintain your energy

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You see similar looking men, go and approach them. Say where are you from, what do you do. Ask them what they do. Create friendly, positive and not judgmental atmosphere. You will let them open up. In the end give them your number or business card. We are on this earth to create connection and be happy.

This approach I did today. I saw two males checking how I am hitting on a girl. I saw that they are interested in what I am doing. I approached them and asked:

-“Guys, I am not fucking gay, I saw you were checking me out how I was approach that girl. You also approach some girls?“. One guy was so friendly that in the end I gave him my two business cards. We talked about differences between Europe and America. That guys want to fly to Ibiza (Spain) and meet some great chicks.

And you cannot imagine how my energy rised up. After talked with two males I was in state to approach group of girls. I no longer was anxious to approach girls. So the key is how to build up your energy.

Step 3: Approach girls

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Once your energy is great (positive, fun, don`t give a fuck about outcome, dominant, sexual) you can approach with any pick up line any girl.

Step 4: Maintain energy by approaching random people

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You will be rejected by most of people, especially in USA. People here disconnected by technologies and they are not used to meet strangers in streets. Those who dont believe come to United States and feel this atmosphere. It is very different from Eastern Europe or Asia.

Ask random people:

-“Where is a starbucks?” ; “Do we have just one starbucks in Charlotte” – say some fun lines. Enjoy the process and stay detached from outcome.


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