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How to Pick Up Chicks at Starbucks PUA Infield Video

how to pick up girls at starbucks 1Lets analyze my video How to Pick Up Chicks at Starbucks PUA Infield Video. I cropped some photos from video and will explain you why I am picking up that girl in this way.

how to approach girls at starbucks
Starbucks is not a place to be direct with girls. Remember: first emotion you should create is to make her feel relaxed. You cannot attract her if she is feeling some fear. This girl is surrounded by people in Starbucks. More over she will come back here for more, she does not want to ruin out her reputation. That is why I suggest her to be my dance assistant:

-“Excuse me. I am a dance teacher. I train Males how to properly dance with girls in clubs. At this time I need female assistant, because my female assistant is sicking now. Another one went to Las Vegas” – at the same time I show videos from my phone how I working with my dance assistants and clients. People believe what they see, not what they hear. Very important to show videos and prove what you are talking.

It makes her feel comfortable and moreover it shows that you have interesting life.

how to pick up women at starbucks 1

On another side she is also attracted to my body language, eye contact and braveness to approach her while I am not drunk. That is the key for How to Pick Up Chicks at Starbucks PUA Infield Video. Women love to be approached. When you approach them you rise their value (value equals happiness). Do not listen TV and other people who say that you look strange when you approaching girls and they do not like it. Bullshit. Girls love Alpha Males. They just cannot stop thinking about them.

Try to isolate a girl where is more private and comfortable. She will throw out her excuses why not to go. This is very important step on How to Pick Up Chicks at Starbucks

how to seduce girls at starbucks 1
Alpha Male is very sure what he does. Do you see my hand`s movement? Very straight and confident hand`s movement. That is Alpha Male body language. Her lips are relaxed, her eyelid is fully opened. She is interested about me. BUT. She putts out her excuses not to go. And the main excuse is her boyfriend who is coming now.

Boyfriend approached us. He is very aggressive. Your goal is not to get into fight with him, get them into your dance lessons. I mean he has good looking girlfriend, I have lot of clients who want to learn my Incredible powerful dance system, so I will train him also, and I will pay for both of them.

how to talk to girls at starbucks
Just look how boyfriend`s body language changed when I suggested them good deal. Boyfriend`s body language changed dramatically. He relaxed his arms, bend-ed his one leg. He is interested in my deal.

how to meet women at starbucks
Also you should ask questions to boyfriend to establish some connection:
-“Where are you from?”
-“What do you do in life?”
-“How you met each other?” – leave them as a couple and do not create any dangerous that you will steal his girlfriend. There are lot of girls who will become your assistants. I hope this article How to Pick Up Girls at Starbucks helped you a lot to understand that you can create other strategies to pick up girls. Not just go direct. Leave you opinion.


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