My name is AMT Dancer and I met my girlfriend at the gym in Washington DC. I have created AMT system from approach to sex in the gym, so that any man by implementing AMT system can get new girlfriend at the gym.

Most fit and hot girls / women are at the gym. Any man of any age can pick up them if he will use AMT system.

STEP 1: Screen out our local gym and approach a girl when she is alone

You are choosing what type of game you will play: private or public. Private game means anything what happens between you and the girl stays between both of you, so others does not know. Public game means you don’t wait and approach a girl when she is around other people. Other people see it and in some way fully or not understand what you are doing. Public game requires a skill not to pay attention to other people, including your work colleagues. Soon at your work people can start to talk – you are picking up girls at the gym.

Learn the Alpha Male mindset in relation to other people gossip and you will have less problems in your life. Private game – private love with women gives more happiness, because we all want to have a private life and by kissing a women, by hugging her and having private intimacy we meet this need. If you work at the government (public institution) – choose a private pick up. If you are self-employed or you have your own company, you can mix – use private game and sometimes, when it’s necessary – public game.

Public pick up requires a lot of Alpha Male skills like dominant body language, loud voice, becoming a friend with Alpha Male of the group, isolating a girl and other things which I show in my DVD program “PICK UP ONLINE TRAINING DVD COURSES”

Each loss you will experience by picking up that girl at the gym, your co-workers will use against you to push you out of your chair and take over your job position. Every co-worker at your work place is competing of getting better female or guy, better job position, more money, better terms, etc. All the negative information about you they will use to kick you out, put you down and get that female or a guy. It’s better to use private – SOCIAL NINJA pick up, because they will not have information about you activities.

STEP 2: Approach a girl at the gym and isolate her

If she I alone or with few people who will not affect your reputation – approach her. Isolate her from her world and take her to your world. For example, if she is on a treadmill, isolate her to work with dumbbells. If she works with machine, isolate her to do yoga exercises. It’s impossible to create an attraction in their body if you are not leading her. If you are not isolating her. Once you will isolate her, simply spent ~20 minutes working out together. Then lead her to drink some water and exchange phone numbers.

Practical application is shown on video

When I was in Washington DC, I isolated my future girlfriend and went from approach to sex in 2 hours. It’s PRO game and you can learn it form my Online DVD Courses – From Approach to Sex in the gym. In that DVD you will learn how I dress at the gym. These clothes create good first impression about me. How I talk, what tone do I use to flirt, isolate, maker her pussy wet and so on.

You will see the entire process how I approached when she was running on a treadmill and pull her back to my apartment. You also take responsibility to use that knowledge for the purpose to meet and get a girlfriend, not just sex. And also you take responsibility of not sharing this system with anyone, because if every guy will start to use this system, then it will no longer work. If you are ready, read the description and invest into DVD Courses – From Approach to Sex at the gym.

AMT Dancer


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