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How to pick up girls on the street

What is important of picking girl up on the street?

First: pick-up girls where are a lot of people

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Pick up girls in situations where there are a lot of people. A girl will see that you are very brave. Every guy on this planet waits for the situation when she is alone and walking by herself. When you come and talk with her, where there are a lot of people – you are showing your social skills. Women are attracted to men`s power. Social skills show your power. In this video example I am picking up a girl across the street where there is many people. Watch her reaction.

Second: use Alpha Man’s body language to attract her and make a good first impression

How to pick up girls on the street 3

When you come to talk to her, 93 percent of your communication comes from your body language. It’s how you stand, how you look at her, what is your tone of voice, how you move your hands, gesticulate. It shows how confident you are. Watch this video example how I use strong alpha man’s body language.

Third: know what you want from her

How to pick up girls on the street 5

A man who does not know what he wants – instantly loses attraction from a girl. The more direct you are, the more masculine you are. The more indirect women are – the more feminine they are. It means use a direct body language – stand in front of her, be in her intimate zone, talk to her eyes, touch her. Say direct to her:

–          “You are hot, I like your dress style, and so I came to talk to you” – How many guys are there who use indirect openers like: “Do you know where is a shop x?” and so on. Many. Indirect openers do not trigger girl’s deep emotional instincts to respond to man who is indirect. In a caveman’s age were men direct or indirect? Of course direct. They did not have language. One thing what they had – instincts. They trusted their instincts and were direct to women. They approached and said by their body language – you have two options:

–          “Be with me and have sex with me, or go away” – this strong frame made them real men. And what happened now in our society? Men became women, women became men. Men became indirect, many women became direct.

Fourth: touch her, project a body language as if you are a couple

How to pick up girls on the street 4

Many men become friends to girls. Why? Because they projects friendly body language (it means they do not touch each other intimately, they don’t look at women`s eyes, they are not dominant, they do not take a girl by the hand and lead her, they just talk about books and movies. They talk about boring topics and they become friends.

What true Alpha man does, he projects body language that he and she is like a couple. In this video example my opener was:

–          “Girl, it is dangerous to stand here” – I am like her man, I give her safety. She starts feeling her femininity. Later I talk shoulder to shoulder and say what I think directly to her eyes. Friends do not behave in that way. So ask yourself: do you behave like a friend around her? – If your answer is yes, here you have a problem.


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