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How To Pickup Girls If you Driving a Car

Care about her reputation


Girls do not like to feel cheap and slutty. If a guy is lazy to drop a car to side street, a girl will reject him. A Girl wants to jump into a car, but after you talk to her, she knows something about you and she likes you. A girl does not like to be slut in other`s people`s eyes. She would jump to guy`s car, but other people will see that she is cheap and probably prostitute. She sells her for things. A girl afraid to run out her reputation in a city she lives.

Drop a car to street side and approach her from behind


When I was in Charlotte, North Carolina, my client did not want to drop our car to street side, but he wanted success with girls. He said: “a police could give a penalty for this”. A police will give fine if you will not explain why you did this.

We were driving to lot of Charlotte`s Shopping Malls, and on the road we were seeing lot of beautiful girls. Gorgeous blondes in white shorts. You could see how they were wearing black strings (panties). Later my client realized that we cannot miss such opportunities and we need to drop a car and go up to them and talk no matter what problems can be for us.

And you need drop a car before passing a girl . A girl could not see that you are making this. You will scare them. My client understood this and we started to approach girls by dropping a car before we pass them.

Go up to her and close her

“I saw how you rejected that guy with BMW. Why you rejected him? I saw you I thought you will be a gold digger, but I see you talk normally and you kinda normal” – that was my pick up line.

Use that situation (she rejected a guy who tried pick her up with a car) for your advantage. Say: “You know I am not super rich like this guy, I am not confident and I asshole, go and talk to girls straight forward”


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  1. bob says:

    I want to be just like you

  2. David says:

    You are the best

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