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How to pickup girls in college

how to pick up girls in university
First – do not go to college to pick up girls if you slept badly. Go to the university or college when you in the good mood. Why? Because you do not have energy if you are tired. For picking up girls I strongly recommend you to go out in positive alpha man attitude

What is the alpha man attitude? First – girl is never above him. If you let girl dominate you she will control all situation. Alpha male always have a goal and he go aggressively for that. What is your goal on picking them at college? Set the goal and go for your dreams. If you have a goal you are sexual if you don’t you unattractive man.

Do not pay attention for other girls. Isolate your target and start conversation. Be confident be relaxed be real alpha man.

Once you isolated the girl, say that she is sexy, and you want get to know each other. Example: “You so sexy girl. I want to get you know better. What`s your name?”

Keep conversation, lead conversation to your goal and take her telephone number. Never put your number on her phone. Why? Because you lose control. Now she is in control. And of course she never write you message because she is a woman. Men are leaders, women are followers. As a leader you must take her number and write first.

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Alpha male do not pay attention for other people opinion at all. Instead of that he always listening audio programs about success in life about how to make influence to other people about sales and so on. So never pay attention that other people are saying about you, what other people is thinking about you.

You must create your strong inner reality. If you do not have happiness inside you, you will search this happiness in the outside. That is the reason why it`s so difficult to live for you in this world.

Alpha man is independent on his family. He knows that all manipulation comes from his family. You live your life, not your mom`s or father`s. As soon as possible you will create your inner strength  you will go on your top. On the life, that you are independent, that you are self-confident, that you have your mission, goal in life. Women want men who are captain on the ship they control.

It is very easy to pick up girl at university or college if you have balanced life. If you have interesting life. For example my biggest passion is dancing and teaching other people how to dance salsa, bachata, solo. I love to teach guys how to be more successful in their lives, how improve their level of confidence and self-esteem.

When you become more and more relaxed in your life and good at seduction you can isolate girl from one place to another. Why I it so important? Then you leading girl to other place, her body stars making endorfines – happiness hormones. She stars feel attraction for you. That is the reason why leading is important element on pickup.

When you become more and more successful in pickup, you start seeing her body language. You know when she is really interested in you and when she is faking it. Body language is very important in pickup. Alpha male understand one thing – if you can read other people body language, then you can read their thoughts.

Here is an example how I will seduce very beautiful high value woman. At first I isolate her from her world. Alpha man never goes to woman world. Instead of that he takes girl into his life, into his world. Women love man who are dominant, sexual knows what he want.

When she is isolated I started my perfect interesting conversation which lead her into state of interested. She became more and more interested into me. She like me, she love my style, she love my every word. She met the right kind of guy what she always wanted.

I grab her and lead to another place. Her body started making hormones – endorfines. Now she is seduced. She loves my lifestyle, my beautiful conversation. She want more and more. I am a prize which wants she.

When you become master at seduction at making influence to other people you are REAL STRONG SURVIVOR. A man who can survive in any environment in any place. This level of self-confident let you get from life what you want.

If you touch girl more and more and can make it smoothly she will start want you. She starts want you more and more which lead that she will go to the date with you.  As I trained I became very successful at picking up girls at university.

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I go out from my university and went to others. All people stared and watched at me when I was seducing girls. But I never pay attention for them. I know that Alpha Man knows  that people must deserve Alpha man attention. Other people suck into Alpha Man world and his beliefs about life and success.

The most successful people in seduction are alpha males. There is no other people who can dominate them. They dominate everything they want. Alpha man has a perfect body language. Good posture, slow movement, low voice.

As soon as possible you started go and become Alpha male you will get results. Results are perfect. Results will give you motivation and drive to go and take what you want.

As we know every woman choose alpha man. If there are 3 man. She will choose man who are the most confident and strong in his life. Because women  want to feel emotional and physical security. Alpha men are those who can give this shit for them.

Now this beautiful woman is interested in me. An attractive man can easily make any person interested into him. Why? Because this type of man can make easily  influence. Alpha man knows one thing – you can turn other people as a helpers  on your goals, or other people will turn you as a helper to reach their goals. So you as soon as possible must accept one thing – you must know what is your mission in your life? After what when you know your mission you can set your goals. And when set you actions. What you must do to reach your goals?  Why I am talking about this? Because if you do not have these things, every woman see you as unattractive man. Man who do not know what to do in his life. He is lost in the world.

Instead of that do what you love. Do type of activity, from that you get the best results in your life. For example I became expert at teaching men how to seduce women they want, how to be more self- confident at dancing. If you do not have any activity in your life, let me ask you: what are you preparing to talk with woman? About weather? About birds? No, alpha man talks about his passion in life. His enthusiasm sucks every people into his reality.

Alpha man understands that if you do not touch woman you will go into the friends zone. So instead of that touch woman in any opportunity. Gorgeous blonde high value woman is sexually interested in me. I am a man who change her life. A man who change her boring life into adventurous. A successful man understand one very important rule: if you are not spontaneous and adventurous with girls you are boring kind of men. So never be boring kind of guy. Instead of that never say women what you will do. Just do. Just be a spectacle. Do not be a spectator. Women are spectator men are spectacle.

Another important element in pickup is your style. What your style is saying for other people? Do you have an interesting life? Are you serious man in your life or just boy who lost in this world? Your clothes will make first impression about you. What first impression do you want? Bad? Or perfect?

So for the reason of that you must choose clothes that is attractive for women. What kind clothes girl like? Classic style.  All women love nice classic  man style. They feel more safety when man wears perfect  fit classic style. If you do not like classic style, I strongly recommend you to go into shop with man or woman, who are at least ok at style. They will help you.


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