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How to pull a girl to OYO hotel and fuck

She was with her friend near my table at the venue so I immediately approached both of them. I used A direct opener and invited them to my table; they were very receptive. throughout the whole night i used gentleman game because I wasn’t sure I won her friend over yet. I have her friend a couple drinks and made sure she felt comfortable at my table. I danced with my target and took a few videos of us together having fun at the club. She was genuinely enjoying my touch.

Since it was a costume themed party my target was wearing a bride outfit with a veil over her head. She dropped it by accident to wear it on my head as a small joke. the moment that happened, my target’s friend kept saying “he look! that’s your future boyfriend !! yes yes!!! That’s your boyfriend! At that moment I immediately know that I won her friend so I started to game more aggressively towards my target.

Then I walked backdown to our table and within a few minutes the dessert arrives with the little greeting card and her eyes immediately lit up. She was super excited and then i proceeded to spoon feed her the dessert. She started kissing me and hugging me. She told me she was enjoying the date. Once I saw that she was very happy I immediately booked an Oyo room to fuck her.

Then I hit a little speed bump. she saw the neighborhood and I was in and she thought it was a really a beautiful place and wanted to walk around. I said sure we can definitely walk around for a short stroll. Then I seduced her in the park and take her to Oyo and fucked her

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Both hands and eyes of the girl are tied. Thus intensifying the emotions

Sexy pink panties, amazing vagina

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