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How to pull girls – Alpha Man Way to Get Girls 

How do you pull any girl?

Learn to communicate effectively.

  1. Ask her questions. Show that you care about her life. 
  2. Listen to her. Don’t interrupt her when she’s trying to tell you something.
  3. Compliment her and learn to take her compliments.
  4. Learn to express her feelings when the time is right.

Here in the picture below I am standing in front of two 18 years old hot females.

I was in groceries, came back to bus stop and I see one of the almost dancing – having good mood and energy. Another one looking like model. standing watching her. I placed my infield camera and went to approach them. In 2 minutes with effective communication I sold them the idea go to my place and drink cocktail. I seduced them to do this. Their plan was going to mall buy some clothes. But that mall was working until 9 pm. I convinced them that it is not worth for them go to mall, because it will leave just 10 minutes and they will be closing their shops.

That girl who danced and had good energy instantly agreed and started to convince her female friend go for this. So she convinced her and we all three of us jumped to bus and went to my place!!!!

In the picture below I pulled the to my apartment

I said them to sit down on sofa while I will prepare cocktails. When I was unpacking my bag, I see I bought these two nice Halloween headbands. I unpacked it and gave them. Girls said: “Wow, so amazing, like real Halloween!!”:

Wait for part 2 😉 I now go to sleep because I lack energy. I will take a nap or will sleep long. Will see how the body will want.


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