How to recognize fake PUA (Badboy, Richard La Ruina, Kezia Noble..) post1515

How to recognize fake PUA (Badboy, Richard La Ruina, Kezia Noble..)

How to recognize a fake PUA Badboy Kezia Noble Richard La Ruina

Badboy has no same day lays and same night lays videos. He has no infield. In today’s modern world without same day and night lays is very hard to live. Because if you get 20 numbers, you fuck just 1-2 girls.

Badboy`s videos are concentrated on training body language. However, this is not important if you want to get laid. Routines, body language are for amateurs. Most important is how you deal with social situations and how you end up with a girl in room where you can fuck.

Badboy discovered well know system to earn money. It is summer camp. Chums come to this training and believe that they will make insta-fucks. But when you ask them to show infield – they say that Badboy is just training guys, he is not approaching.

Of course, well known PUA is recognized by lot of people, most males, so to manipulate other people is mission impossible. Why? Males are jealous. When they know your agenda, they do everything to destroy your approach. Why all badboy`s videos are not infield type? Because these techniques does not give him same day or night lays. Here are too much concentrated on body language, dirty talking. When you try these techniques in practice, you scare a girl. When you be natural and you learn how to lead and control social situations – you get same day lays.

Richard La Ruina

RICHARD LARUINA – another Pickup star who published his face along all over the world and now cannot do quality approaches, because girls and males recognize him and easily find on Internet. Where is infield? He does not make infield no more. He just make marketing with beautiful girls. Average chumps think that if he surrounded with beautiful girls in fake video, he gets such girls in real life. We describe trust-able video as a video where is shown infield form approach to sex and it is cold approach. If an author shows it with 5 different girls you can trust him much more than badboy or Richard La Ruina.

A real infield is always being filming with a camera under the hips. Why? You cannot keep a camera normally because girls easily will recognize it, and realize that here is fake. Look to badboys` and Richard videos. They are all fake.

They just want to install in your mind what they are the best, they are surrounded by the most beautiful girls, but they do not have infield. Therefore, if you go to their trainings, do no pay instantly all money, but pay it after they show how they act in field. For example you can give them 100$ for their time. If they cannot make same day lays and they are numbers` collectors – you should avoid them. Instead of that go where are real hard working trainers who are not starts, who did not publish their faces and they get same day and night lays. The best Pickup coaches will always be those who does not want become popular and famous, but want to train you how to control social situations: when boyfriend comes, when other girl comes, when girl is not interested in you, when girl has a husband, when a girl is on a hurry, when a girl wants to jump out from your car and so on. A trainer who will train you how to be strong in real social situations and face with negative emotions, lead that situations to your advantage and get laid on the same day.

RSD Julien and Tyler

A real infield looks like RSD Julien`s and Tyler`s. If you will notice, camera is below hips. For people is hard to understand that someone is shooting. Real Social Dynamics have shooting system while badboy and Richard La Ruina does not. But RSD authors published their faces and their business will drop down step after step, because society does not like pickup, pickup artists, girls will spread message about trainers who just want to fuck them. You cannot seduce a girl and create with her quality relationship when she knows about your game.

Public Agent Fake PUA

A Public Agent. Lot of Men thinking that he is making real infield. That Public Agent is making cold approaches. All his videos are fake. It are warm approaches. He pays for girls before shooting. Girls know that they will be approached. You can see that from their eyes and face expression. Well-experienced men know that girls never react like that to cold approaches. When you making cold approaches girls never react like this. They scare by your approach, they keep tempo, they do not want to talk, and they do not have time. In Public Agent videos, we see that girls instantly react warmly and they have all their time.

The main goal of Public Agent is to take money from your pocket by making you to believe that he is making same day lays. He is fake person.

And we can see what happened with RSD Julien. He is blocked to go to Australia, United Kingdom, Canada. And world calls him: “The most hated man in the world”. So they are doing something in wrong way. Yes, first, they publish their faces and they does not do this activity in secret. They just express themselves and wants to get money from not mature guys who believe that if a pickup coach is a star he can train him how to get laid. However, they does not think about really quality game – where society cannot recognize you and you can manipulate all people how you want, because you are in secret.

Chumps feel that these authors doing something in a wrong way. They love these coaches. These coaches are like a god for them. On another hand, they do not trust them. Why? Because, when they see such women`s reaction to RSD MAX or RSD Julien, they start believe that they will be unhappy in their life if they will make women such unhappy.

Daniel Blake Fake PUA

Daniel Blake – he shows same day lay with three different girls. It is nice. But two of them are polish girls who came to England for working. They have weak English language, weak mentality and so on. They searching for a job in abroad. They are not confident. Daniel is British and those girls think that he has money, connections, stability and can provide them safe life. Where are same day lays with local British girl? Just one, and it is not same day lay. It is lay on the first day. It means you get number and when ask for date. And he shows just with three different girls. He uploads same day lay videos very rare. 1 video in two months. It means that he did lot of approaches and did few same day lays. And it also means what he still working on being skilled to get same day lays every day. This is much more better than previous trainers, but still this trainer does not have a skill to train you how powerfully control any social situation and get same day lays every day, if you just want..

CarlosXuma-Dating Advice For Men

Carlos Xuma – he poses himself as a trainer who trains inner game about Alpha Male. And he does not make fake boot camp or trainings for 2000-15000$. He does not try to become famous or best pickup coach on the planet. He does not lie. You can trust this coach.

kezia-noble fake pua

Kezia Noble poses herself as a leading female coach in pickup industry. Amateurs see video with title: “How to get a girl to have sex with you FAST ” with Kezia Noble tits and they instantly click on that video. This is why her videos collects millions views. Not Kezia collects, but her tits collects those views.

Kezia`s Noble Trainings are fake because woman cannot say with her published face what women really want, because she do not want to be the real bitch and prostitute on the internet. All mature men understand that you cannot believe what a girl says, because she says one, but acts in a different way. Better is to just test and see how her body language changes. That is how you discover what works and what does not. In addition, Kezia Noble does not have any infield. She just taking money from average chumps who believe in woman`s words.

She cannot say any manipulative and working technique because she does not pickup girls and she does not want to lose trust of people who surrounds her. How you can say manipulative and secret techniques with your published faces, when all your friends will see that video. You cannot. Kezia Noble is a fake author and we do not recommend to watch those videos or go to trainings.

wayne dating fake pua

Wayne dating. Everything is okay with them but still they publish their faces. They lose relationship with girls whom they fucked. How? Because these girls find them on internet, and they do not want stay anymore with them because they do not trust them anymore. Still they do this activity in not clever way.

Same is with Findsocialflow and Willy Beck

big willy beck fake pua

findsocialflow fake pua

Lot of men follow these authors and try to be like them. They see them as examples. Ask yourself: are these authors happy, when their all friends know about their activity, when their whole family knows that they are players, manipulative and can publish them on Internet?  Those coaches lost trust of friends and family and they should not be an example for you.


The main our goal is to improve the game. Guys whom watching authors always feeling some emotions inside. Are these coaches happy when they published their face all over the Internet? Can they create happy relationships with girls, friends and family when everyone knows that they are players? No, they lose trust, because that people think that they also can be published on the Internet, so they keeping a distance and protection. Without trust, you cannot create any good relationship. We hope that this article helped you a lot.


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