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How to seduce a girl who has boyfriend

I went outside my apartment at 12 a.m. Some hot girls walking around during lunch time. I see this beautiful sexy slim blonde walking in tight jean shorts. Such type of a girl I had in long term relationship for 3 years, so I am sure she will be physically attracted to me.

She stopped near the crossroad and looked for cars coming. But she had no idea who is behind her and how her life now will change 😀 haha. Look at the picture below how gorgeous she is.

I woke up at 9:30, drank nice tasty coffee and and it is still for me a new day and here will be my first approach during this day. Look how beautiful her blonde hair looks like in the picture below and asks to be smelled on the date and pulled. I am crossing with her the crossroad

I approached her and said: “Excuse me do you know where is a yoga studio?”, she replied: “it is straight that building, behind this one, under the corner”, I asked: “okay what’s the name of that studio?”, she replied: “C.P. Is that one you gonna go?” she asked, when I replied: “Actually I heard that also Salsa and Bachata going in that studio :D”, sexy blonde replied: “Salsa ?:D”, I: “yeah, yooooga and when they doing salsa :D”, sexy blonde: “Oh reallyyyy?”, when I told her that I am joking, and she said: “yeah that does not working with yoga :D”, I said: “does not fit with yoga yeah? hahah”

I asked: “but you like to dance?”, she: “yeah I like!”, I: “you love? with me? ;)”, and look in the picture below how her hand become submissive to me, she bended her wrist, she became attracted to me.

She said in very very sexy tone of voice: “I am going to get done my nails”, I :”Oh that is cool”, blonde: “but there is the yoga! :D”, I kept laughing and checking her butt. Perfect grey t-shirts, blue tight shorts. I like such homemade simple blondes. And her beautiful sexy face is waiting in future for you!!!

Perfect blonde with great ass!! I asked her: “Are you from here?”, she: “yeah, and you?”, “No, guess where I am from?”, she in sexy tone of voice: “mmm somewhere in Europe”, I: “mhm yeah”, she: “Spain? ;)”, I with lack of respect by not saying where I am from: “You know actually all here in USA have roots in Europe, just native Americans are local”, she: “yeah that is true”, I: “you also have roots from Europe”, blonde: “that’s true”, I: “as you blonde so maybe from Sweden? :D”, she: “but I do not know which part of Europe my roots are, maybe Romania :)”, I said something, but I cannot hear from infield what and I laughed and she said: “this is where I have to go my nails done”. Once again guys for you her perfect blonde ass below!

She said: “here is where my nails will be done”. She turned to me and waited if we will change contacts or what. Instead of changing numbers I asked her: “How many minutes you will be there?”, she with her porno voice: “mmm like an hour or so” – when I came first time to USA and heard those females on crossroads talking, it was so sexy to me because it remembered porno videos from USA :D. Lot of times I blamed those girls by saying: “In Europe I watched your American porno movies”, some girls told me: “Yes we are very naughty” 😀 hhahaha

She said: “and I have to work after it. And I have a boyfriend”, when I said: “Oh that’s cool, I would like to meet him hahaha”, when she started to smile a lot. Look at the picture below.

I said: “we can meet after 1 hour”, she said: “are you visiting or living her?” – blonde was interested into laying me on the same day, but I kept turning her more and not giving me.
She is totally turning back to Nails’ salon and not interested into it. She is interested into having sex with me on the same day. Look at the picture above, how she is interested and exited. She said: “Are you from, let’s say Serbia??”, I said: “No, but we can just dance and talk in one hour ;)”, she: “but I have to go back to work ;)”. At this situation I gave her more my personal information and she agreed to meet after nails. After I talked and danced with her at my place I roughly fucked her!!!!!

I have infield, Approach, Talking, Seducing, Having sex at my place wit her. If you would like to see it contact us.

Look at the pictures below how perfect ass she has. On the infield nothing will be blurred out!!! You will see everything and will be motivated to approach them!!

To your huge success on learning how to seduce hot girls who have boyfriends and are in committed relationships!!!


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