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How to Seduce Another Man’s Wife – Infield Pickup

We so feel relaxed after sex with amazing wife who we seduced during the daytime. Our all body relaxed. From head to leg feet, totally relaxed and happy. Lot of endorphins. As her body was amazing – huge tits, amazing ass, Eastern European accent.

We were standing in the bus stop and we see this hot Milf – someone’s wife standing and asking by the way she dresses to approach her. So we went to approach her, sat down and made her interested to meet us tomorrow early morning.

Turns out she is going thru two jobs and saying that life in Eastern Europe is hard. She also watering the flowers in the garden.

So in that infield you will see our approach, talking, seducing, pulling and fucking. You will learn how to seduce another man’s wife with outstanding newest AMT technique.

In the picture below we are keeping her phone and she is keeping our phone and we exchanging contacts.

Infield is ~ 40 minutes, approaching, talking, seducing, pulling, fucking. Contact us if you want to see it

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