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How To Sleep With Girl Who Has Husband

I will tell you my PUA lay report how I slept with a girl who has a husband on the same day. This story is unbelievable. It requires PRO game. Once you manage it you will be able to sleep with girls who have boyfriends and husbands.

Social Ninja’s Mindset on How To Sleep With Girl Who Has Husband

Girls are horny for sex during daytime, starting from 11 a.m morning on going up until 4 Pm. During this time they have energy to sleep with you because they already slept the night. Girls most of time are tired on happy hours (after work 5pm -7pm, and during this they wanna just relax. You can convert them to horny girls who wanna sex but it requires PRO game, not that game that you seen in RSD videos or read some articles in Men’s magazine. It is brainwashing which moves you to be stupid and run out your reputation as being stupid pickup artist. This is about being Social Ninja who approach women in private way.

Later from 7pm – 10pm you can do from approach to sex as-well. Personally I collect numbers during happy hours (5pm -6:30pm)

Social Ninjas Lay Report on How To Sleep With Girl Who Has Husband

I went to one apartments club house which is 2 min away from my apartments. When I opened doors I saw this alone girl sitting in the corner of club house and another girl was quite sleepy on sofa. First one girl which became my target after cold-read was in the corner, in private place and very suitable to approach.


I did one amazing AMT technique that I cannot publish on internernet and asked her indirectly: “where I can get Pool’s game sticks?” – as this club house has pool game tables. A girl looked to my penis, which was quite thick and brown, without any hair and she said: “probably upstairs you can ask”. When I approached her and said: “whatever, where are you from?”, She answered that she is from middle east. Later during our conversation she said that her husband is sleeping downstairs.

I took her hands and started to dance with her. I was talking in a calm way and said for her to talk with me in the same way as another girl was sleeping on the sofa 10 meters away from us and she could hear what we are talking. I was so excited! 5 minutes back we were strangers, and now we are dancing and having fun.

I pulled her to bar’s table and started to lick her titties!  She was so excited what is happening right now and her nipples were very hard. I started to lick her nipples and suddenly I stopped it!, I said: “we cannot do it here. Where we can go?”, she said: “I Don’t know. To your place????”, I said: “Hahaha, naughty girl… OK , but be quite. I do not wanna any problems for you and me. Let’s go”

She went back to her table, packed her stuff and we went to my place. I removed her pink shorts and without condom I entered her pussy. It was unbelievable feeling. We were having sex then her husband was sleeping few floors downstairs.

After sex, she took shower, I filled orange juice to glasses and we were talking about how beautiful amazing thing we experienced together. I said her: “Do not tell to anyone about what happened between us. Let’s keep this a secret between us”, She Said: “Yes, I will keep it as a secret.”

After this thing my motivation and confidence increased dramatically. I and my partner highly succeeded in our business back in Europe, my mood jumped from normal to amazing level, I increased my relationship with relatives and friends dramatically. I can say, my life went to top. The most beautiful thing is to watch a woman how she is enjoying when you put your cock into her vagina and when you later talk, drink orange juice and spend amazing time with her.

So, Social Ninja’s life in incredible. You can expect all thing to happen. Here are no limits. If a girl is left alone and her husband is not showing any attention to her and he is even sleeping, his woman is alone in club house, so men, it is good for you opportunity to make her day.

Steps on How To Sleep With Girl Who Has Husband:

  1. Approach when girls are ready for sex
  2. Cold-read your target. What she is up to. How much time she has?
  3. Have a place where sex can happen. Best is your private room. Lot of girls will not accept to have sex in restroom (toilet)
  4. Approach smoothly and in private way. Use Social Ninjas hacks. Be aware about people who surrounds you and her. Make sure she and you saves reputation by doing it.
  5. Lead things slowly. Kiss her one time. Take a break. Talk. Initiate conversation. Kiss once again. Make Out. Dance. Pull away from her table, make out. Take step back, talk about yourself. Ask questions. Move conversation to experiencing love between you and her and ask her: “where we can do this?”
  6. Pull to your apartments. By doing this make sure you all the way enjoy spending time with her!
  7. Enjoy having sex with her. Relax. Slow down your body language. Fill orange juice into glasses and talk after sex. Make her as your’s fuck buddy.
  8. Be proud about being Social Ninja and love yourself.


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