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How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend Part 3

how-to-steal-your-roommates-girlfriendBlonde: “You are tanned naturally or you go to solarium?”

Todd: “I go to solarium and I will need that you will put creme on my skin, because my skin used to be dry”

Blonde: “OK”

In the gym blonde ran few laps and later went to the gym with Todd. Todd was showing exercises and was imagining how he will bang her after the gym. She was doing squats and other sexy exercises.

After 30 minutes of workout they sat into Todd’s car and drove back to home. He played hot sexy music. Michael called.

Todd: “Write later to him that you have been in shower”

Blonde: “OK”

Todd instantly took lotion moved his pants and became naked. He putted towel around his ass and dick and approached blonde. She was texting to Michael.

Todd said: “put lotion on all my body”

Blonde: “Och my god, you look really sexy. You are tanned really well”

Blonde started to put lotion on Todd’s legs. Todd took her arms and putted on his dick.

Todd: “Please do that. It is so exciting for me” – Blonde started to wank his penis. on Michael’s bed.

Todd turned her around and started to lick her pussy.

Blonde: “You know what. I am not having sex without condoms”. Todd went to his room and took condom. He fingered her pussy, licked, looked to her eyes and strongly entered her pussy on Michael’s bed.

Blonde: “Omg you are amazing in bed!” – Todd was giving her one orgasm after another. Blonde putted out her ass and Todd was fucking her from behind.

Todd: “Scream how much you want. Scream scream!” – Blonde was screaming all over the place while the keys were inserted into the lock of the flat if for some reason Michael will come back from work. Todd was fucking her for 10 minutes and came into condom.

After the sex they together went to shower.

Todd: “Are you in girls?”

Blonde: “I am up for having sex with another girl. But she should pretty for me. If you would find a girl, I am up for that”. Blonde packaged her stuff, cleaned a room. Todd helped her to move her luggage to the car and she left this flat.

At 6 pm Michael came back after the work. His room was clean and it seemed nothing happened in this room…

The bottom line

Our Client Todd called to us and told this story. This is unbelievable. From average pick up artist he moved to Pro in from approach to sex. He made Same Day Lay. We are very proud about him! All time, energy, money what he invested into learning this system paid off for him!


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