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How to Talk to Girls – Cold Approach Pickup

How to Talk to Girls - youtube coverHey guys, we get lot of emails from guys asking upload video how to talk to girls and get a date. You asking to show how to impress a girl, what to say, and how to get women.

This article will double your dating, will make you more alpha male, will get you more dates and women.

So enjoy this article, photos and videos.

Step 1: Approach a girl and tell a ring`s story.

How to Talk to Girls - Observe a girl


Step 2: Ask her what is her nationality

Girls like to qualify themselves to confident alpha male. Ask them questions and let to invest, show that they are interesting women and worthwhile of your attention.

Step 3: Ask her what she is doing tomorrow

This easy question will let you get a date. A girl will tell you when she is available to meet you. She will prepare herself: will shave her pussy, legs, put sexy dress, high-heels. She will be enough confident to have sex with you.

Step 4: Take her number

Don`t write your number in her phone. This way you lose all control over the girl. Always, always write down her number to your phone. Also write down her surname. You will be able to check her facebook. Moreover for you will be easier to remember her.

Step 5: Do Lift-up technique and leave her on good emotions

How to Talk to Girls - Do Liftup technique


Use lift-up technique. Say:

  • “I remember one really amazing dance step” Lift up her in the air and spin

She will feel like your girlfriend. And this simple pickup technique will increase your chances to meet her again.


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