I have approached blonde at clothing shop and got her number - post5792

I have approached blonde at clothing shop and got her number

Hey AMT,

I have approached her in Klaipeda, in one of the shopping center. It was extremely hot (beginning of June). I have been walking around this shopping center. My goal was to go to Rimi and buy some vegetables for my dinner. I saw her when I was walking through the shopping center and saw her working in one of the clothing shops. First of all , I have observed the situation and did not go directly to the approach. But I was saying in my head.. “now or never buddy”, go for it!!!!

I stood and thought about what I have observed and what I want to say to her and what techniques to use so that I have something to say and am ready for her shit testing me. Approach was very easy and thus she was very open to my lines. I saw that she is doing a boring job so I thought , oh well, I should go for it and surprise her.. She is bored after all, men haven’t approached her! and since I decided to approach and do the approach I always think positive about the approach and always think that to go and talk to her makes 80 % of the success. So, taking into account that I have purchased only 2 books from the AMT , I felt very comfortable because I did not buy these products for entertainment, I bought them to get results, mainly. She looked nice, blonde, she had a very good shape, so I did not even question that she goes to the gym and/or eats healthy because it was obvious

I opened her quickly and she started giggling and giving me very positive vibes, although she was not asking too many questions indicating that I still needed to go over her with a little bit more high energy and once she started to ask me questions ( phase of her investing) I can relax and feel comfortable. I took the masculine role and continued on the conversation regardless ( persistence ) . We talked about her lifestyle, I understood that She must be comfortable and I have to take my time because once the customers start to come to her, she has to serve the customer first, and then I am left in a strange situation… So the conversation went really well, and the situation was very successful because there were no people in the shop to disturb her so I escalated and closed her quickly asking for her number. I did not ask a lot of questions and mainly used the techniques I have learned from the book… She gave me the number and I left her…

I have learned that you have to understand that these techniques are not for everyone! And people have to pay for the information because it is priceless! My parents did not teach me this. my school did not teach me this.. government did not teach me this.. so to find AMT is a true blessing!

Until next time

Branco R

From AMT

Hi Branco R, nice job by approaching and getting number from hot blonde (a girl goes to gym and eats healthy food) at groceries. We listened your audio recording of this conversation. We will not add this audio recording publicly because of privacy, law and disclosing knowledge written in our books. As you could tell by her tone of voice – she reacted well to your approach. Please apply more touching (kino escalating techniques) and leading a girl to small walk (described in our books). During the seduction try to identify: what she is up to right now, when she finishes her work so you could come back and meet her after her work.

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