I have approached Russian blonde girl in London. She wanted to kiss me! - post5856

I have approached Russian blonde girl in London. She wanted to kiss me!

I went to London city center next to Covent Garden station to pick up girls. It did not take very long to find the right girl to approach; one girl was walking on street which I would like to speak with. She was less height than me about 1.73m, young, girlish and with very impressive eyes looking having amazing life.

Covent Garden station

She was dressing smart casual dress and was going for an interview as told me seemingly not rushing to it as had spent time with me. I was dressed with appropriate alpha man clothing jacket, shirt, trousers and shoes during sunny hot summer time so I did not had to spend time for external places in case is raining.

I approach to her and used few techniques to continue conversation which I have learned during trainings online and live teachings. First, I slowly joined to walk with her to avoid scary if I do this fast than almost guarantee she not speak with me at all. She accepted me and we started talk. I quickly told I approached because she was looking very nice and pretended I spend time here to going to buy bicycle equipment’s.

The speaking topics was hobbies, studies, dance and work. My stories was too how I started to salsa dancing, my current working position and where I study. She was recently completed universities studies and looking for job. She was living long time in here. She seemed looking happy to speak with me during approach and meet me later on and not rejected.

I learned from this approach I have to speak longer to have better chances to meet her in future and adapt better on situations to speak with her again. I had asked for number saying “Tell me your number I will invite you to go to dance lessons”. She told her number and I saved it on mobile she was 5/5 girl. At the end of approach when I had her number for a while she became extra close to me and was looking to kiss me.

It was hard to believe it and it happen very fast so I did not taken action on it. I think this was my biggest mistake as than her emotions changed drastically but I learned I have to pay extra attention and be alert because anything could happen. I was thinking after approaching her we have many similarities because of my and her nationalities so we could like and prefer similar views for example eating same food like tree cake.


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