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I have approached two girls in Cyprus bar

It was two weeks ago, four friends had left the gym.  We went to a recently opened cafe in Cyprus.  There were double sitting chicks that I could hunt while entering the cafe.  🙂 Then we ordered our drinks, I set my eyes on a table.  By the way, I’m not wearing AMT clothes.  Since I travel frequently, I am tempted to meet people fast and to establish relationships quickly.

Then I told my friend, I am coming immediately.  Suddenly I got up and approached the table using AMT techniques, I hit my hand on the table and shook hands with the girls then bla bla .. and they were very afraid of me, I guess my fault here is not being able to choose between the two girls, one of the girls got angry and called the waiter.

The waiter came and asked what would you like to drink:D .  I thought that girl was a lesbian without makeup.  then I didn’t want to mess around, I came back.  I realized that the dress you are wearing matters.


AMT Student Fighter

From AMT

Nice rapport Fighter!, we have watched your video which you sent to us. Approach slower, have smile on the face, choose the target, use AMT systems from Pickup Online Training DVD where we explained how to approach two girls in the bar. Great video and more great music playing in the background! You look athletic!

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