I made Same Day Lay at the beach with hot girl with perfect ass - post6803

I made Same Day Lay at the beach with hot girl with perfect ass

This is guys is unbelievable! I am still in shock and cannot believe what happened! This accident really surprised me. She had husband. They took two loans from two separate banks and paying for house mortgage and cars. Husband is lazy and boring. She came to the beach by herself being tired of that tied life up, brought book to read and lay down by herself. But she had no clue that she will meet me!!! 😀 😀 😀

I already walked about 3 kilometers along the dunes by the sea and I see this hot ass girl lying by herself and almost sleeping. I approached her and instantly touched her tight and said:

“I am very excuse me. Do you love to dance with a guy in front of sea?” , she scared, when smiled and said: “yes I like to dance”. I said: “Oh nice, my name is T. (of course I gave my not real name, because I do not trust this slut at this moment. Later yeah if I will trust her, maybe I will say.”

I had wine in my backpack and speaker. I played music, we drank wine, I turned her on and fucked. I have infield how I fuck her. If you want to purchase, contact us

My body looks very hairy. I haven’t waxed my body this week.

We have infield of her Approaching, Talking, Seducing, Fucking. If you want to purchase, contact us by inserting link to article of what exactly video you want. Contact us

To your powerful success on approaching, seducing and fucking girls at beach!!!

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