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I Make People Feel Awkward – What To Do

She says: “He makes me feel awkward, I don`t want to be around him”. It hurts our Korean Alphamantraining student more and more. The more he hears those words from girls – the more his confidence drops down. To solve this problem is really hard. It was one of my hardest student to train, change him and get results. The more I took a look on him – the more I felt his pain. He is on stress release pills. He works very hard. His family (father, mother and sister) 100 miles away from him. He could live with parents, as it does his sister, but he does not want. He is 32 years old, he knows and feels – life goes really fast, he needs to change and finds his soulmate to marry. He says: “I really want to find my life partner!, my soulmate! But I make Girls Feel awkward less in 5 seconds”- He finds out himself in lost situation – he just works hard, he has no friends, no any girls, no parties, no happinies just one thing – job and competitive colleges at work.

We had build a routine

When I flew and met him, I knew and felt – he is a good person. He came from good family, he is gonna treat me well, we already had video calls, he sent me where he lives, told about him family. I said myself – I need to help him out.

Gym, yoga, approaching girls for 2 hours at universities, malls, streets – things we did on training. Our alphamantraining apartment was in the center between universities, main streets and malls to approach girls. It took 6 months to define location and find this apartment to rent. Once he found that apartment and signed a lease – I agreed to fly 5000 miles to him and train him for two months.

We build together our place to bring a girl back from a date and also for alphamantraining lectures. We started to go together to Golds Gym and Yoga Class. We shopped food, we cooked food together.

We had build AMT Systems

What I noticed on him – he needs to know the whole plan from approach to sex – how to bring a girl back to apartment and have intimacy. To know just an opener and run after girls – he no longer wanted to do, because he understood – it could run out his reputation in city, especially in those malls where security guys already got few complains from girls who he approached in mall. He needed a teacher who will teach and explain – how to approach girls and save reputation. In the end of all approaches he was saying: “What happened here, lets be just between us, OK?!Don’t say to your friends, family, other people, because they not gonna understand and accept the way we met each other”. It that way he was building out privacy and girls by themselves trusted him more. I remember how he was listening carefully alphamantraining systems: Pick Up and Get Laid. First – Approach, Second – Taking on Insta Date, Third – Pulling towards car, Fourth – Driving back to Starbucks which is close to your apartment. I remember his words: “Now I do not need to overcome approach anxiety! I know what to do and how to do!”

His First Pull in His Life 

We were at student campus in Virginia (USA). It was around 7:30 PM. She walked out from library and locked very normal to approach. Korean AMT student went to approach her and she was half American/Half South African. He took a leader role very quickly as he lived in Virginia for at least 5 years and grown up in Maryland. He grown up in USA, knows cultures, peoples, he is smart, so a girl find him out as leader and interesting man. They exchanged phone numbers and arranged a date on Sunday. They gonna meet at the same library where he approached her.

Sunday Date 

We drove to student campus. Korean student already been trained what to do on the date. He met her, pulled to car, took me and drove to Starbucks which is close to our alphamantraining apartment. I was so happy seeing him how he is telling his life story about break-dancing he did and how much energy and determination it required to learn. Korean student putted lot of energy in it and during the date he conveyed that energy. A girl felt that. A girl told about herself. After 20 minutes Korean alphamantraining student pulled her to apartment. I was so happy by seeing him how he feels finally attractive to a girl and gets a results. They went to apartment. I knew we will celebrate it, because we already achieved what we sat up.



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