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I went for a walk and suddenly a girl wearing a mini skirt came to the bus stop

I ate, I went out for a walk. After that, I got on the bus, drove further, got off and started walking. I went to some bus stop. I walk towards it and suddenly the lady in the picture below appears in front of my eyes. And she was coming at me with such energy that she wanted me to talk to her. In that sense, she slowed down and when she passed me, she was also confused and slowed down.

I talked to her and I immediately felt such her desire to communicate and her good mood. I also felt that her hormones were up and her desire for a guy was up. It turns out that she went to the beauty salon and it will take 1 hour to get there and 2 hours for procedure.

After chatting we exchanged phone numbers. In the photo below, you can see how her body language reacts to my communication, seduction.

The lady turned her full body towards me and listened with interest

And here in the photo below you can see how she is ready to move with me to another place

I have a video that will show you how to start a conversation with a complete stranger and how to get her interested, seduce her on the same day and have sex. You will see in the video how I make love to her. Also, if you want to learn it, I have to see you from the side and then I will tell you where the mistakes are and what is not working, why you are not getting results. If you want to see this video and/or contact us about training, please contact us via contacts.


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