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Justin Wayne Review about Alpha Man Training

Hello, I am AMT student Justin Wayne and I want you to tell story about my life, how I got to these training and why. So first thing, I was very scared in social situations, I even can‘t communicate with my siblings, the only person who I wasn’t afraid was my mother. I didn’t have many friends, there was moments where sometimes I discovered some similar people to me and was trying to be friends with them, but most of the time I was alone and felt anxiety in social interactions.

Half of my life, was stress, after stress, with thoughts about suicide, because I didn‘t get what I wanted from life. We all know, that sex and girls are one of the most important instincts in man life, so I didn‘t satisfy this instinct until 20 years old. I even wasn’t in any date until 19 years old, it was so fucked up, that I started to think what could be wrong with me.

So I started exploring the web and found this amazing AMT coach, who knows how to handle many situations in life. I started watching his videos and saw a chance for a change, started to think, day after day about training and what person I will become, how I will start laying these beautiful girls in my bed. My problem was I didn’t know what to do with my finance, because, I didn’t have much money in my bank account, but I had my house, which was far away from the city, about 40 minutes of driving to the city center. So I started to think, I will sell it and buy some small apartment, which will be near the city center and buy these amazing training of AMT.

I did all of that, contacted coach of AMT by gmail, he replied very quickly to my message, at that moment I was very excited, in my mind there was only thoughts about success with girls and how I will be fucking them.

So I met him, he was very relaxed and always positive, he was giving me compliments, about appearance, explaining everything in details and we started theory, I was feeling perfect near him, because his energy is different from other people, it was time with fun, inside my body, I was feeling adrenaline, because I was thinking, that I will need to approach my first girl or girls set, it was in positive way, I even started to shake. So we ended my first theory course and we drove to the city center to approach girls. My first set was in the park, with two sitting girls on the bench.

The coach started to push me and motivate to approach them, I was very scared, but he knew how to make me braver and I approached them and they were talking with me normally, in my body I felt anxiety and how low my value is compared with them. But after I was feeling like a god, because it was my first approach in my life, direct approach, I killed this ugly bitch – FEAR.

And I started to want to approach more and more, even coach said to me, you are so interested, that I see how your eyes shining. I remember how he said a good line, which I using until now – “Do these all people will come to your funeral, do they care about you?”.

Approach after approach, I was getting more comfortable and comfortable, there was some days, when I approached girls from morning to evening, I started to go to dates and these times were amazing, because it was my first reference experiences, where I felt like a man, who can control situations with these amazing techniques and knowledge of AMT system.

First girl which I fucked

Still, in the beginning I was feeling awkward, but time by time, I was more and more confident, until I found this girl in the club, who I fucked and she was my first girl in bed. I felt so amazing after, my testosterone got to the max, so I wanted even more to approach other girls, because I was thinking, that I could do anything now. Girls started to appear in my life, some of them even started messaging me, time from time I started getting lazy with approaching, because not all the time you can be successful and loaded with much energy. But I always knew, that I have this knowledge and no one can take it from me or delete it from my brain. It’s my and always will be mine, the best thing is that you have these reference experiences, which always remind you about your successes and you know that you can do it.

I do not thinking about stopping this activity in my life, I think that all man are polygamy, just many guys have installed mindset in their brains, that they must be with only one partner and have kids with her and live like this until the death. But it’s bullshit, why I always get erections, when I see beautiful girls?

Because by evolution, we need to fertilize girls and we see girl, who is our taste, reptilian brain is saying, fuck her – spread sperm and make kids with her. This is in our genes. So in the end, I want to tell you, that know one will care about you, no one will help you, even your parents will die and the best option for you is these training, you will end your all problems, because it gives you the confidence, which you will use in every area of your life, such as business, work, sport or any other. People won’t recognize you after one year, you will be different person. Give it a try and just remember, that It doesn’t come quickly, you will need to go out many times and AMT system cannot change you after day or month, only you with all of your patience and knowledge, which you will use in practice will change you.

Good luck and best wishes,

AMT system client Justin Wayne

Alpha Males

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  1. Emilio says:

    Hello guys! I would like to know if you do training in Boston, Ma
    and how to proceed.

    Thank you

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