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Mike SquattingCasanova PUA Bootcamp Review Part 2

In SquattingCasanova PUA Bootcamp you will learn how be rejected in Vegas Night Clubs and look stupid in other’s people’s eyes. You will also run out your reputation in Vegas. You no longer will want to approach Vegas one more time. You will also learn how unsuccessfully game girls back at your city. You will try Vegas techniques back at your city and nothing will work. You will get flake numbers, you will text to girl, you will waste lot of time and you will end up in friend’s zone. That is what we see with SquattingCasanova’s clients.

If you wanna get serious results (Same Day Lays, lose virginity, become social Ninja Total Alpha Male) hire a coach fly to your city. Get separated apartment for your coach and yourself in city center. Provide with everything (food, gas, daily life expenses, tickets to clubs and so on) and take your coach to infield and ask him to explain system from approach to sex in environments where you see girls you are attracted towards. This is more expensive way than travel to couch’s city but it is more safe way.

Before it you should take Skype with a coach and see does he has results of himself and his students and does he proves. Transformation should look like this. It should include what student has been before training and how he changed after training:

SquattingCasanova asked web admin to delete this review of his student It shows that he wants to hide real reviews and he is doing Fake PUA Bootcamps. This coach is a scam and Social Ninja can destroy him in seconds once he will see him in Vegas clubs.

More over SquattingCasanova soon will be exposed by Mainstream Media, because he have been caught by two male journalists who took his bootcamp Mike SquattingCasanova is a beginner and has low self-conscious what is going around him. If he would have Social Ninja’s intellect he would spot immediately those two journalist who wanted exposed him. But he amateur and works just for money, been caught by two males and one female who acted in a club.

And later Mike been SquattingCasanova making videos like this to make you  believe that he does not do fake PUA Bootcamps and everything is OK. No, if you have been caught by journalist and mainstream media, it means you are doing something wrong and attracting bad negative attention which does not help you work with your students in clubs anymore.

Just imagine being his student. You will go to Vegas Nightclubs without having a solid system. Moreover you will meet his past clients and other males who will want to make photos with mike or say hello. They will disrupt you. Moreover, maybe some journalist will also shoot you as Mike’s student and they will publish that video on CNN. So later your parents, boss, co-workers, classmates will play jokes about you, that you cannot get girls and you are virgin who took Fake PUA Bootcamp. Your name and surname will be published on google. If you would want to get new job, your new boos will google you and will see that you have been virgin and took some’s strange Asian’s bootcamp. He will decide to not hire you as your reputation is on question and is low.

More over his videos are amateur’s level which show how to plow with girls. But you approach to fuck, not to talk, waste your time and end up in friend’s zone. Even more his students get flaky (fake) numbers in which girls rarely respond. And if they respond those students end up in friend’s zone.

The bottom line:

Always you should ask yourself: those qualities and transformations of students’ proves that I can normally and successfully work with a coach? Who I will become? What my results will be? Does this coach is too known for haters and feminist which can destroy us in clubs? Is that coach smart? Can I trust him? Can I leave all my money? Do he has videos from approach to sex and minimum with 10 girls? Does he have minimum 3 students transformations from Betas to Alphas? IF not, so do not take and do not waste your time and money.


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