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Night Club Pickup Infield Video Approach To Girlfriend

Being a Social Ninja means you can go by yourself and game girls in Nightclubs without any friends. Or you can use your friends to help you out to game girls. But you use them by not revealing that you are  Social Ninja and you have hacks to hack any social situation in your advantage. Once your friend will know AMT system you will have big competitors. So for you does not need those problems.

This time I went to night club. I saw her dancing with one male and one female. I approached her and in 15 minutes she was thinking about one thing – short term intensive romance between us.

I used other chump male to cover her girlfriend and I pulled out from club best looking girl in terms of my taste. I created an amazing connection between us. I saw from her eyes that she does not want to leave me. After intensive romance I used AMT System to destroy her female friend in order to get my target into private room back at my place.

In 10 minutes I was driving her back to my place. Can You believe? Then other PUA’s try to become friends with her female friend, we use AMT system and destroy her female friend.

I kissed her so much. Danced back at my place. I turned her on and soon started to fuck her. I enjoyed talk to her. She was a girl who does not find words and has something always to say in interesting way. I felt that I wanna keep this girl for longer time and date her more times.

After we had amazing sex she draw me amazing paint by saying that I am Sex God and she feels deep emotional connection.

Social Ninja’s life is something amazing that Society does not know and will never know. I will protect this knowledge no matter what. Just serious men, who will pay huge price and will write agreement to not reveal any information will be able to uncover AMT system secrets.


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