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Nightgame infield video Sex in Car

outside from club girl 2I was making my Nighgame infield DVD program ‘How To dance With a Woman’ and I needed to shoot full pull from club to car with sex scenes. I wanted to show complete process from dance-floor to car and how I give her multiple orgasms. I called my buddy who was my photographer and operator. Both in one. I said him:

-‘Lets go to clubs and make some girls happy’ – my buddy was working full day in Real Estate, so he was up to clubs. He wanted to relax and spend good time. But the real reason why he wanted to go was girls` hot asses.

So we went to nightclubs. And I saw this girl around 1:00 am morning dancing with her female friend and one male friend. That was good opportunity to approach. I approached and her female friend instantly said:

-‘Oooo wow!!” – she was so happy that I approached her female friend. As a one my client from New York City told me:

-‘I love your way how you meet new people. Both females and males. I love when you go to Starbucks, work on your shit and meet new people. This is cool. I tried those groups but it is time wasting. Less and low value people come. If a girl has options she will never be online. You can meet her in Starbucks or just on street‘.

dancing girl 2

So, I started to dance with her instantly. As you should seduce her body and mind, I whispered her some dirty lines to her left ear. Because left ear is connected with right hemisphere which is connected with her emotions.

And soon I pulled her outside from club:

fucking on the dancefloor girl2

outside from club girl 2

-‘Look, it is very hot for me over there. Lets go outside!’ – We left a club. I pulled her back to my car and fucked multiple times. Later she became my girlfriend. Do not be stupid guys by judging her that she is slut and made with me one day lay. No. If you are in pick-up community you should never say this. I knew one guy from London. He is a dating coach. He said:

-‘If a woman lays you on the same day she is slut’ – I looked at him and thought: what the fuck you are talking. For Total Alpha Males does not matters when a girl lays you, all matters does she is good in bed or not. 

So this one day lay was finish of my product ‘How to Dance With a Woman’. During that time was winter. Was very cold. And my buddy earns best words, because he filmed with his naked hands at Eastern European middle winter time.

This girl became my girlfriend for almost three years. By being with her I became better person. Later I started to dance striptease and she became jealous about it. We decided to break up our relationship.

After sex in car I drove her back to my apartments and fucked more times

fucking girl 2 photo3

This one day lay showed me that you can get a new girlfriend in nightclub. Those people who say that in clubs just are sluts -BULLSHIT. Look, If guys do not approach her during daytime, so the only way to be approached is go to clubs. Do not judge women, because they are already judged by society.


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