How to pick up girls in groups

how to pick up girls in groupsHow to pick up girls in groups. Introverts and extroverts on picking girls up in groups. Introverts are people who recharge themselves by being alone, while extroverts recharge themselves by talking with other people, being around people.It means that picking girls up is really suitable for extroverts. Who are you? Do you like to be at the center of attention? Many really big extroverts like to be at the center of attention. For them picking girls in group is much easier than for introverts. Introverts prefer being alone. I had many students. Some of them were extroverts. For them to pick up group of girls is easier than for introverts. They have bigger energy, they like more to be around people, they have bigger gestures, expression and so on.  So what about introverts?

How to pick up girls at the shopping mall

How to pick up girls at shopping mall pick up linesHow to pick up girls at the shopping mall. A lot of beautiful girls go to the shopping malls. Some of them go to buy something, other girls – to just spend some time. Girls love spending time in the shopping malls. There are good chances for you to meet a lot of girls at the shopping malls. How to pick up girls at the shopping mall? Read

How to pick up a business woman?

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety Forever 2How to pick up a business woman?I discovered one amazing thing. You can meet a lot of quality women during the lunch time – (12am – 1pm). All business women leave their work and go to eat lunch. So there is a good chance for you to meet a really clever, quality woman for a long-term relationship.

How to approach a girl in shopping mall

How to approach girls in mall 2Situation – you stop girls by going in front of them. This is important when girls are walking quite fast. When you go in front of them – you get into their intimate zone. It is easier for you to stop them. I opened them by saying: AlphaManTraining: “Girls, you look the hottest from this shopping mall. AlphaManTraining, what is your name?” –          Black girl: “Oh, thank you very much…”

How to approach mixed sets with a Beta Male

approaching mixed sets with betaIn some situations sometimes you do not need to open a male of the group first. You must see and feel: is this male of the group Alpha or Beta? If Beta, open the leader of the group. Look at this photo. The male in this group is not self-confident, does not have a powerful body language, he is not at the center of attention. He is Beta, so I open the whole group: Read

How to approach mixed sets with AMOG

i isolated AMOG from groupIf we have a set of two women and 1 alpha male of the group, the first thing that you must do – approach the male. Why? I had a lot of students who made a big mistake, – they approached girls first. And what happened? Alpha male of the group became angry and he rejected my students by saying:

How to pick up women at wine-bars?

how to pick up women at barHow to pick up women in wine-bars?This article is for men who want to find really quality woman. For men who wear business jacket, watch and so on. How to pick up quality women in wine-bars?First – find in your city the best wine-bar places. Read

How to dance with a girl at the bar

How to dance with girls at a club alpha maleHow to dance with a girl at a barFirst – dance, and only dance if you like music. Why? You cannot dance very well if you don’t like music. IT is important. For example, if a girl wants to go and dance with you, stay, don’t go. You are an alpha man, you have your own opinion, your own taste and you are the one that chooses what to do. So say to your girl: “if you want you can go, I will join, when I will hear a better music. I don’t like this one”. Read

How to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend with Alpha Male AttitudeI have friends who want to get a girlfriend. But they still don’t have her. They say: “I want to get a girlfriend, I want to create long-term relationships” – and one year after another passes by but they are still alone. Why?


How to attract women

How to Attract Women Alpha Male MindsetHow to attract women Alpha Male mindset
I know many techniques how you can attract women. First and the most powerful technique is to be self-confident. If you cannot be self-confident, fake it, until you become self-confident.Women, as from nature, they are insecure. They want something stronger, more confident. Social programing teaches you that women love flowers, gifts, nice guys. The true is that woman search a man who will provide mental stability and physical security. Read

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