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How to be a good wingman Part2

Oklahoma Oklahoma nightgame coaching pua pickupI drove back to girls` flat. When I entered this flat I saw my partner dancing a striptease. Two girls were without bra. I could not believe what is happening and how girls are really wild when they see hot movements, relaxed guys, having fun, and sexy bodies. Read

How to be a good wingman Part1

how to talk to girls in clubsI remember one story how I and my wingman have seduced 3 beautiful girls form Latvia. We came up to one local cafe. I stopped and asked girls:- “Girls, did you ordered a striptease?” – I kept eye contact and slightly moved my hips around. They were in shock, smiled. I came up with good energy and intentions. I left them and sat down with my wingman. We looked around and both understood that best is to approach these three Latvian girls, Read

Alpha Man Training Vidas

Alpha Man Training VidasVidas started Alpha Man Training courses. After the first lesson he wanted to stop these trainings due to a lot of rejections. He was thinking that it is impossible to learn pick-up (how to pick-up girls). Alphamantraining has changed his attitude into an Alpha Male attitude, witch gave him the right mindset about women psychology. After 1 month Vidas has accomplished 1 stage of Alpha Man Training and learned how to approach women during day time.

Alpha Man Training Justinas

Beta Male Transformation to Alpha Male Justinas Katilius 2Justinas came to Alpha Man Training to improve relationship with other people, to get knowledge about women psychology. I trained him First Stage of Alpha Man Training. Justinas was good student, very energetic and optimistic. It was pleasure to work with him.

Alpha Man Training Algirdas

Beta Male Transformation to Alpha Male Algirdas 6Algirdas came from Klaipeda (Lithuania city). He red book and watched Alphamantraining DVD about  being an Alpha Man and picking up girls. Training were successful for Algirdas. He got 65 presents from 100. He achieved his goal – to become confident talking with girls, to approach any woman he wants, and get minimum 5 numbers from 10.

How to pick up girls on the street

how to pickup girls on the street 1Pick up girls in situations where there are a lot of people. A girl will see that you are very brave. Every guy on this planet waits for the situation when she is alone and walking by herself. When you come and talk with her, where there are a lot of people – you are showing your social skills. Women are attracted to men`s power. Social skills show your power. In this video example I am picking up a girl across the street where there is many people. Watch her reaction. Read

If she has a boyfriend

real example how to seduce girl if she has a boyfriendIf she has a boyfriend.. How to seduce her?It is very easy to pick up two girls on the street. A lot of guys do not know how to do it. It is very easy. I am going directly to my target. In this situation my target is on the right side. So I will approach her and stop her directly.

Approaching mixed sets

approaching mixed sets 3Approaching mixed sets. We all pick up artists know that really good quality women are among friends. And friends are both females and males. So, how Pick-up Artist deals with male of the group? Opener:- “Hello group” – you give attention to all group. You show that you are not dangerous. After these words you say to male of the group: Read

How to pick up girls in groups

how to pick up girls in groupsHow to pick up girls in groups. Introverts and extroverts on picking girls up in groups. Introverts are people who recharge themselves by being alone, while extroverts recharge themselves by talking with other people, being around people.It means that picking girls up is really suitable for extroverts. Who are you? Do you like to be at the center of attention? Many really big extroverts like to be at the center of attention. For them picking girls in group is much easier than for introverts. Introverts prefer being alone. I had many students. Some of them were extroverts. For them to pick up group of girls is easier than for introverts. They have bigger energy, they like more to be around people, they have bigger gestures, expression and so on.  So what about introverts?

How to pick up girls at the shopping mall

How to pick up girls at shopping mall pick up linesHow to pick up girls at the shopping mall. A lot of beautiful girls go to the shopping malls. Some of them go to buy something, other girls – to just spend some time. Girls love spending time in the shopping malls. There are good chances for you to meet a lot of girls at the shopping malls. How to pick up girls at the shopping mall? Read

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