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How To Get a Girlfriend Amazingly Fast Part 1

Asian multi billionaire haired us fly to Washington D.C. and train him how to become Real Alpha Man. He is 32 years old virgin Asian man, who is highly successful in his career and business but socially awkward. He never had a date, he never kissed a girl. He just worked very hard. We said to him rent apartment in Washington D.C center where will be our sleeping with girls place.

How To Take Girls Home On the Same Day

I was going to do pickup around Washington D.C. Monument as lot of visitors come here to visit D.C. I cold read all potential girls to take home on the same day. I cold-read this girl with black hair. She was from Roma, Italy. I pulled her to The Marine Corp War Memorial, made photos. Read

5 Steps How To Pick Up Women at Happy Hour

Unbelievable! I was going back to home on 5:30 PM during happy hours and I saw this woman. She acted in a very sexy way and her ass was really good. She was Latina. I decided to make from approach to sex. I approached her. She was going to visit her female friend during happy hours.

Night Club Pickup Infield Video Approach To Girlfriend

Being a Social Ninja means you can go by yourself and game girls in Nightclubs without any friends. Or you can use your friends to help you out to game girls. But you use them by not revealing that you are  Social Ninja and you have hacks to hack any social situation in your advantage. Once your friend will know AMT system you will have big competitors. So for you does not need those problems.

Daygame infield Taking Girl Home

Och my god! What happened today is beyond pick-up, RSD shit and other things. Their game is amateur’s level comparing with AMT system. I finished my dance lessons, was going back to home and saw this girl. I approached her and started to talk. In 10 minutes I manipulated her and took home! Back at my place she started test me: “So you take all girls home after you met them in shop?”; “How many girls you already took home?”. I did not react to her and keep my-self calm. I draw on paper how to move her hips and she followed me. Read

8 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Dating Coach

Before hiring dating coach near me, you should be smart how to choose the right dating coach. What dating coach reviews to believe and so on. We are independent PUA (Pick-up Artist) Dating Coaches Review Company which wanna make you smarter on choosing the right personal dating coach. Now is 2017. Dating coaches who lay lot of girls and who’s clients lay lot of women are private and discreet

Mike SquattingCasanova PUA Bootcamp Review Part 1

In this photo Squatting Casanova with maximum 5 point from 10 women. They are old and no longer beautiful. And he reacts more than those women. He is not serious. I will not leave my money for him because I do not trust him. Michael Ke aka SquattinCassanova is doing Total Fake PUA Bootcamps which do not change students and do not give them results they want. When you ask his student’s what results you achieved in SquattinCassanova PUA bootcamp? Did you fuck girls? They answer, no, I have been rejected in Vegas Clubs. This is a good review of his Student: Read

Mike SquattingCasanova PUA Bootcamp Review Part 2

In SquattingCasanova PUA Bootcamp you will learn how be rejected in Vegas Night Clubs and look stupid in other’s people’s eyes. You will also run out your reputation in Vegas. You no longer will want to approach Vegas one more time. You will also learn how unsuccessfully game girls back at your city. You will try Vegas techniques back at your city and nothing will work. You will get flake numbers, you will text to girl, you will waste lot of time and you will end up in friend’s zone. That is what we see with SquattingCasanova’s clients. Read

How To Approach Girl In the Gym and Get Laid Part 1

How to approach a girl on the gym and get laid on the same day. How to make Same Day Lay. In this article we will tell you a story how we approached a girl in the gym on got laid in 1 hour. If you will not read this article you will do same mistakes as you did Read

How To Approach Girl In the Gym and Get Laid Part 2

A pull from gym to apartment’s bed took around 35 minutes. We have seduced her come and approach our apartment. In some moments we manipulated slightly. We could not believe how soon we will fuck her ass! This is why we so protect this knowledge and choose clients to train. Read

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