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Pick Up and Get Laid Part 1 – Good Coach

Now we are driving to see what clothes you have and make suitable style for you. Also to make pictures for you for getting girls online.

What kind of photos you want?

AMT Coach, last time we made photos in city center, so this time also let’s add new photos from city center. I lost data in my computer.

Alpha Man Training we traveled around the world, we saw lot of males. But his heart cannot do, and we said you cannot become good with women, you need block them, like close relationship and he said: “I cannot do that”, I said: “Each time you talk on the phone with them, each time you text them, they affect you with their mindset, with their vibrations, which does not give you any good vibrations how to meet women, how to be confident, how to expand your business, you cannot, WHY? Because our parents they do not have entrepreneurs mindset, like since 18 years old I started, my income increased more than my parents, like in this world you earn from men who earn more, not your parents.

You learn from people who earn more, not from your parents.

AMT brags to the world about what beautiful women their student’s approach. AMT will push you to approach most hot girls.

AMT will train you basics of Russian language and how to escalate those women. AMT clients have skills to seduce women around the world. AMT will train you how properly remove her clothes and get physical with her (start to to fuck her). AMT will train you everything about sex. AMT will care for you that you would have confidence in bedroom and will lose your virginity.

AMT coach: “Did you come during the sex?” – a girl is in shock as it happened so fast. AMT will train you what to do in order to explain what happened.

Girl: “You mean I ?”, AMT coach; “Yeah”, Girl: “Yes”. She is cleaning lot of sperm which AMT coach spread-ed on her body. Girls will want get pregnant from you, as this Girl was OK to have sex without condom.

AMT Coach is using AMT dance techniques to turn her on in apartment. Same you will learn carefully from our DVDs.

Another side-effect of AMT systems – girls will want to stick around you but you will want to get rid off them as soon as you can.

33 years old shy virgin Asian client used AMT systems and took this girl home on the first day!!! After AMT systems for you will be hard to choose a girl to stay for long term relationship or marry one girl. This is side effect of AMT SYSTEMS.

After AMT SYSTEMS for you will be hard also to leave those girls as they will want you stay and be forever with them. Protected and censored with Youtube and AMT Rights.

Asian client uses first time in his life AMT SYSTEMS. We are so happy and proud how our Asian client walks confidently. Why this happens? because he knows systems from approach to sex.

AMT Coach also cried when he was leaving this girl in United States. You will cry also after you will experience those moments. – Washington DC United States of America. AMT systems are the most dangerous systems nowadays which can fuck up your emotional state from unexpected experiences with girls.

She will feel and will see that her female friends also would be happy to be around you. IT’s AMT power. She will tell all her secrets. She will quit all her female friends, dad, mom, aunt, she will fall in love with you. This is side-effect of AMT Systems.

AMT systems works in Europe, Asian, USA, Canada, Australia, India, China, Africa, Middle East, Latin America. AMT products will be very expensive in purpose of protecting this knowledge from dumb guys and have time to support students over Skype – Tokyo Japan

AMT coach makes from approach to sex in the gym. AMT coach took girl home after gym and she makes what he wants.

Welcome men to and in this video we will talk about what coaches to listen, what coaches, what PUAs to listen, be trained and so on. We will tell you a story which happened with our client who hired us. He watched all PUAs videos. When we came to train him he was with lot of bad habits. For example: one of habit: he is no longer in private mode. When he approaches women he screams, he cannot control his body, his words, what he says and so on, and you know, women do not like those screaming guys, those duchebags, he watched bro science, he watched rsd, he watched squatting Casanova, he watched lot of other Puas, and he did not get any results, he is 30 years old and he is virgin, so see, he watched lot of videos but he did not get any results, so something is wrong, he chose the wrong information to learn from, and you know, in this video, we will make you more smart by choosing the correct PUA to learn from.

Lot of our clients ask from where we learned. And we answer – from ourselves. Just real practice. When this clients hired us, we flew to his city and on third day we did from approach to sex in the gym with amazing beautiful girl. And client he was in shock. No one other PUAs coaches before they did not prove him anything.

For example one coach, he “trained” him in Vegas. So client flew to Vegas and that coach said: “just approach, just approach, just go and approach girls”, but he ruined out his energy and he did not achieve any success. He lost his all motivation. He did not lose his virginity. And he said: “you know I will call you one day when I will feel better”, – but he never called to that coach. HE HIRED US. When he hired us and on third day as I said, we did IN FRONT OF HIS EYES – From approach To Sex with beautiful gym girl. Protected by Youtube and AMT rights.

When he was in shock. He was watching this video and he said: “Omg, it is real infield, this is reality, omg it is REAL SEDUCTION, omg, I cannot believe, that is what I am searching” and after two weeks he lost HIS VIRGINITY.

So see, how you should choose a coach. We do not say that all coaches are bad, but you should also be smart by choosing. What it means. If your coach does not have transformational videos of his students – From total Betas to TOTAL ALPHA MALES, so it is something wrong, like RSD you know, they do not have testimonials, how their students changed. It is actually, they do bootcamps for two-three days, and you cannot see videos how guys changed, how they changed their dressing style, how they are laying girls, you just can see how they pulled girls into cab, but you know a girl can reject you back in your apartment, she can reject you at the last moment when you will want to insert your penis into her pussy, she can reject you, so they PROVE NOTHING, but they wanna install in your mind, the larger dating company is, the better results you can achieve by learning from them.

The reality is – the more followers a coach has – it means the less he protected his knowledge, means lot of people know about his system, how he is seducing girls, how he is laying, that means, that knowledge, which he will train, that knowledge that he will train you will know lot of people around, so how you can use that knowledge? You cannot use. You cannot seduce girls if they know your techniques.

So a good coach protects his knowledge. So when you start training you write agreement that you cannot mislead or tell to anybody else that information what you will learn in training or you will pay at least 1 billion United States Dollars. And you write on your face, id, name, surname, everything, so you will not want to express that message to anyone else. So a good coach protects his knowledge and he is known in certain exact auditory, to some just people, that’s it, so he is more private.

Guys following those coaches who have lot of subscribers and they think the more coach has subscribers the better he could train him, but the reality is, the more coach has subscribers it means he did not filter his message, his clients, lot of people coming to his channel.

Pickup, alpha male, social ninjas, it is very you know, very tiny, very tiny you know, very less people should know about that, why? because look what happened with mystery method, why he is in Europe now? Why he is no longer in the United States ? Why? Because people started to know about his techniques, for example my client saying, when he was approaching girls in clubs, they knew about mystery, they knew about his pickup lines and so on.

So what it means, if a coach does not protect his knowledge, what he will train you, it will no longer will work, so your very good coach always have a privacy, he protects his knowledge, he protects your privacy, your identity, the good coach will give you different name, surname, and he will train you to not run out your reputation in your city.

What it means, look, it can be very large city, very huge, but, people start repeat, once you approach same clubs, same streets, people start repeat, and a good coach trains you what to do what other people will perceive you in a good way. That your reputation will be good. What to do.

A bad coach just will say – approach girls!, approach girls! go to talk to that girl! Go and approach that girl! And in that way you will run out your reputation! in your city! How those girls will perceive you? This guy hitting on all girls. He is crazy. And what a good coach will train you how to become invisible social ninja, who can destroy any guy, who can lay any girl in private way, and even he can game in his apartment and no one will know about him.

Other things. Transformations. A good coach has his daygame and nightgame infield and with minimum 10 different girls, from approach to sex, he has programs you know, how he teaches that, he also has students transformations, not just videos there they students say in rooms: “yeah you know I am very happy with his services and so on, a good coach he has infield videos of his students which can show you what a student was before training and what he became after training. A good coach trains you a system.

What happened with our client. We went to shopping mall and we gave him a system. From Approach to Sex, – what to do in shopping mall, when you see a girl. And you know what happened. We did not need to motivate him. We did not need to push him. He wanted by himself to go. And what he said: “OMG I know a system I know what to do I am confident I have a knowledge” – that is what a good coach does.

A bad coach he does not explain a system because he does not know a system, he is unsuccessful, but he says go, go, go approach that girl! And it is the fastest way to run out your reputation in that city where you will do your training.

So I think you became more smarter how to choose the right coach. I was listening other coaches because to train my English, just for only one reason but I never take their advises, I go and I do approaches, I approached over 70 000 people, it means 40 000 women and 30 000 men, I worked for my entire life in pickup, people call me the best Dancer in the world in terms of training men how to dance and I know something that no one told you 😉

Until next time 😉

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