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Pick Up and Get Laid Part 2

AMT: “Have fun and fuck females. Take that energy when you will have from sex, use that energy for your business and work“, “

-I am exited for new apartment” – Phoenix Arizona PUA Bootcamp student.

AMT “That is really good, you took so good apartment, so good apartment, why you took so good apartment? because you was in very good state on training, you was on so good state, so amazingly confident, you found so amazing apartment.

AMT shows such videos on training to train you how to seduce women in apartment.

AMT is taking girl home so FAST! A client cannot believe what is happening. A girl is doing everything what AMT coach says. He is using strong AMT systems which society does not know. You will learn also AMT systems back in apartments. You will be confident seducer everywhere. You will get same or even better results what you see in AMT footage.

AMT client gets his first number on the first approach in his life. AMT systems works instantly. You do not need to do hundreds approaches.

AMT client shares his experience how he made from approach to sex with 5 different girls in Lviv, Ukraine. – AMT: “So you gave her orgasms?” , – client “-YES

AMT client – 53 years old British guy seduces young hot blonde in few minutes of approach. Next day takes her for a drink. AMT Power. AMT changed completely his mindset from thinking that he is too old to Alpha Man’s Mindset.

It is just his first bootcamp and just beginning of great results.

Advanced AMT systems where AMT Coach shows footage how to make girls to do what you want. Just imagine, girls will come to your apartments and they will dance in front of you! After that dance you will fuck them.

Another hot girl. You will need to watch and read all AMT products and move to this LEVEL in order to do this stuff.

AMT client from Japan. A girl is pulling him to apartment. He is using advanced AMT systems where you will find on product From approach to sex.

Client’s infield where he turned to social ninja and fucked this girl on the stairs here. He will use AMT systems to fuck this girl right now. He is using. A girl is following what he says her to do. AMT Coach is showing from approach to sex with a girl in a mall on the same day in 2 hours. You will go from a guy who has approach anxiety to a guy who can make same day lay.

AMT: “But when I re-framed, I said come to another bus stop, I baby stepped a process for her to invest. So in that way she invested multiple times. And now she will wait me, even if I will late couple of minutes, why? because she already invested 1 hour of her time. Think what you can suggest else. I suggested her one thing. It was too big step for her. So I suggested her smaller step.

Guys writing they wanna get training. But when we ask their names and last names. And they are not on our customers’ list. They did not buy products. They wanna training, they wanna instant success. You cannot get insta success, you need preparation, that is what we are saying, invest into all our products, when you build relationship with us, because you understand what those training are about. AMT: “Once you came here, we do not need to talk about actually, because you understand from an half a word what those training are about. We wanna that you would spend at least 1-2 months carefully reading our book and watching our dvds.

With Smith is working really amazing. Is no problems at all. AMT: “Just imagine if you did not read any book, did not watch any DVD, could you get success like this, yesterday that last approach?”, Smith: “No, I do not think so”, AMT: “No you cannot.

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