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Pick-up Training Vilnius

PUA training in Vilnius Lithuania Pick-up Artist Daygame Nightgame ApproachPick-up Training Vilnius – for men who wanna learn how to meet Lithuanian women on the street, in shopping malls, in parks. For men who wanna learn Daygame pickup and Nightgame Pickup by approaching bars and clubs.

Fly to Vilnius airport or drive with a car

We will meet you at Vilnius airport or you will drive straight with your car.

Come for weekend or 7 days

You can take 3 days bootcamp or 7 days residential program. It depends by your job.

Why Vilnius

Vilnius is perfect place for learning Daygame and Nightgame. It is not so big and population is half an million. It is perfect place for pulling girls back to your place.

From 10 women 7 are beautiful. Over here more are women than men.

Moreover girls here talk in English because our second language in schools and universities is English.

We know this city and logistics. You will be safe with us and we will support you. AMT Coach is living here for 7 years.


You can expect feeling that women will like you. You will get numbers, dates, lays on the first or second date, boosted self-confidence. We also will improve you dressing-style. You will learn how to dance with a girl and turn her on. Those techniques you will apply in bars and clubs. Watch video how we changed Ben in Alpha Man Training.


Vilnius is great city because of price of apartments. You get wide luxury apartments. They are big with double size bed. Moreover people give everything you need for living in those apartments.


We together will approach places where are high protein food. We know that you want to keep your shape so we will care about that. We know all places where we can get best food for the best price. Also if you would like we can cock together chicken breast, fish, eggs and so on…

How you can get Pick-up Training in Vilnius Lithuania

You need to fill the form here


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