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Picking Up at the Lake – From Approach to Sex

We AMT wanted go to the lake, relax ourselves and do from approach to sex if we will see potential female. We went to the bus, drove with it to one of our favorite lakes in Eastern Europe. We approached by ourselves that lake and at the beginning of the beach in most see place is lying hot girl in red bikini. We cold – read her for couple minutes and approached. By the way her pussy looked so turning on in that red bikini that definitely we decided to enter her pussy in the next hour. Also tits looked great, and her lips and face were also beautiful.

She said that she is with her boyfriend and showed where he is. So we saw him, lifted him our hand. He was beta and did not approach us because he felt that we are trained by AMT Boxing DVD. So we are talking to this hottie and her boyfriend is watching how we are talking to her.

We suggested her go to swim, but she did not want. So we left her, went talk to other female in front of her eyes. After we talked to another female, came back to her and now she was ready go with us for swimming. So we went to swim.

She was very bad on swimming so we trained how to swim. While we were in water training her how to swim with a boner and at the same time her boyfriend was talking to someone on the phone via video call. Boyfriend did not approach us, but just casually were looking to us what we are doing.

We came back from water and she started to smoke cigarette.

She started to bombard us with questions: “how old we are”, “what is our zodiac”, “where we learned to swim so well”, “how long distances we usually swim”. We left her with those question and went to approach her boyfriend. Used AMT technique to gain his trust to do not follow us when we will go for a walk with his girlfriend.

Came back to her and said: “Your boyfriend is OK that we would go for a walk. Let’s go” . She picked her stuff, we were holding her stuff and moving both to other location.

We cannot guys describe you our feelings!!! It was so amazing to feel that we are controlling this situation! That AMT technique worked on the boyfriend!!! We were going for a walk with her away from her boyfriend!

So we approached other place and in that place were no sun and were lot of mosquitoes. We had a spray against mosquitoes, used on girl and on ourselves. She lied down, we used AMT techniques to tun her on.

Look at her ass!!! So incredible so big so juicy!!! And she is young – 20 years old. In couple of minutes we pushed those red panties to side and we were inserting our hard cock into her pussy!!!!

We untied the panties and bra and fucked her while mosquitoes were flying around but not biting us. After sex we came back to her boyfriend and she by moving hips and ass to one side and another in very sexy way, like fucked girl went to her boyfriend and we left the lake.

This experience once again convinced us how is important to become the Real Alpha Man and how women is down for Alpha Man.

Yours Partner,


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