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Become number 1 in Pickup. Now you can learn pickup by watching these videos and going to infield by yourself.


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1 DVD (45min)

How to seduce one woman. Theory

  1. How to overcome approach anxiety. How to prepare yourself for pickup. Alpha Man mindset. After it you will never have approach anxiety.
  2. How to seduce a girl. What kind of emotions you should create in girl`s body in order to seduce her. After it you will know what mistakes you made in past and how to seduce any woman on the planet.
  3. Alpha Man body language. What kind of body language you should project in order get attention from gorgeous beautiful women and seduce them. After understanding principles of body language you will become more than James Bond. You will become total new powerful Alpha Male.
  4. What to talk to girls. Alpha Man Training conversation model. After knowing this you will not what to talk to girls.
  5. How to lead and dominate a woman. Alpha Man will show you examples how he do it and will explain everything. You will understand why he is so successful in pickup.


2 DVD (1hour 38min)

How to approach and seduce one woman. Infield pickup examples

  1. How to approach a girl in the street. Alpha Man approached strange girl in the street. He dominated and bounced her away from people. Moreover he danced with her, got her telephone number and next day met her and fucked. After it you will know how to meet new strangers and fuck them next day. Amazing.
  2. How to pick up a girl who has a boyfriend. Alpha Man approached girl who has a boyfriend in the shopping mall. With powerful pickup techniques he destroyed her boyfriend, dominated her, got contacts and after one week he fucked her in his dancing room. Simple insane. This example will motivate you so much that your energy will fly like rockets.
  3. How to pick up a girl on the street. Alpha Man approached another girl in the street. After 4 minutes he got her number. You will see techniques, conversation sample how he did it.
  4. How to pick up a girl at mall. Alpha Man approached another girl in the shopping mall. He instantly dominated and bounced her to the bench. It was so powerful that other people were staring at him while he was doing it. Alpha Man explains what to do later when you got girl`s telephone number. How to ask go out on the date with you.
  5. How to pick up 10` point girl (gorgeous model). An amazing approach to 10 points Blonde. Three more guys wanted to approach this beautiful blonde but just Alpha Man did it. He relaxed her fast. Danced with her. She started like him. After 2 minutes he bounced to restaurant. She paid for tea! After sitting in restaurant Alpha Man bounced her to next more private location, started train her how to dance and later he fucked her. Amazing.
  6. How to approach running girl. Alpha Male runs, stops and gets her number. A girl by herself suggest to meet Alpha Male on the next day. You will learn everything you need from this video. After this video you will have knowledge and example how to approach running girls and seduce them.
  7. How to approach a girl who walks out from groceries. Infield video example what to say, how to continue a conversation, how to make her feel interested into you and how to exchange contacts.
  8. How to approach a girl who has boyfriend. Infield video on what to say when a girl tells she has a boyfriend. Powerful boyfriend destroyer technique. Alpha Man Training approached a girl. She said that she has a boyfriend. Alpha Man Training re-framed that situation and a girl by herself suggested to exchange contacts. Incredible? Yes.


3 DVD (1 hour 50min)

Infield pickup examples how to approach and seduce two girls

  1. How to approach and seduce 10` points two sexy girls. Alpha Man approaches two amazing 10 points blonde and brunette in shopping mall. He uses great direct opener and stops them immediately. After 7 minutes Alpha Man gets contact from brunette and next day meets and fucks her.
  2. How to pick up two girls. Alpha Male approaches two sexy brunettes. He isolates away one girl from her friend. She has a boyfriend but Alpha Male destroys her boyfriend with pickup material and after 2 minutes he gets contacts. After a week Alpha Man is fucking this girl who has a boyfriend in dancing room. Pure gold techniques that will make you amazing pickup artist. Use these techniques with head. Be careful.
  3. How to pick up older women. Alpha Man approaches two older women (about 32 year old). Both of them have husbands (rings on the fingers). But Alpha Man uses his powerful Husband destroyer and he gets telephone number after 5 minutes and next day meets her and fucks. These techniques will open your eyes what women really are and what results you can get.

4 DVD (60 min)

How to seduce a girl on the first date

  1. Dating strategy for you witch will give a power to seduce any girl you want on the first date. After this you will understand what mistakes you made in the past and why you did not seduce a girl you want.

5 DVD (44min)

Practice. Alpha Man seduces a girl on the first date. Real Infield example

  1. How to kiss a girl on the first date. After this DVD you will know how to kiss, lead and bring a girl to your place on the first date. You will not need to date her 3-5 dates in order to bring her home. After these knowledge you will be able to seduce a girl on the first date.

6 DVD (55min)

How to approach girl with her friends (+Infield)

  1. How to pick up a family. Alpha Man approaches family (later he sees that is family). Here are beautiful sexy sister, brother and mother. So Alpha Man makes friends with brother, give respect to mother and seduces sister. Amazing example. After it you will learn how to approach mixed sets and get what you want.
  2. How to pick-up girls in Job. Another infield example. Alpha Man approaches co-workers group. In this group is sexy girl. Alpha Man dominates this group and after 10 minutes he gets telephone number from tis sexy girl. After this infield example you will know how to meet girls in job and other areas where are other people who can destroy your dreams.
  3. How to pick up girls in wine-bars. Alpha Man approaches three girls sitting back in the wine-bar. He uses Alpha Man Body language and after 10 minutes he gets telephone numbers from amazing sexy blonde.
  4. How to pick up two girls in a bar. After this infield video example you will know how approach girls powerfully, make good first impression, what to talk with them and get what you want.
  5. How to pick up girls in a club. How to overcome approach anxiety, what to talk and how to seduce girls. You will know how to prepare yourself, how to get a wing-man and how approach girls and get success. Everything is illustrated by infield example.

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