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Same Day Lay 10s mulatto American girl PART 2

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 22I finished my Same Day Lay story with American mulatto girl. Here I am writing Part 2. Guys, her eyes were simply amazing. She is like another Rihanna. So beautiful! When I gave her compliment that she looks like Rihanna, she was surprised and honestly thanked me:

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-“You look like Rihanna. Your face, your eyes, your hair, you look like second Rihanna

-“Really? Oh thank you. I would like to be Rihanna..” – she with some sadness answered me. Then I told her:

-“You know what. You do not need to be Rihanna. Rihanna cannot go thru streets and have her private life. She is slave of music industry. She lives alone in one house and feel very disconnected and artificial. To be happy you do not need to have lot of money. So you are doing good” – when I was telling it she was really surprised by my words and mindset.

I said her

-“We do not have lot of time. Now you need to put stockings

I gave her white sexy stockings and she went to bathroom put those sexy stockings. I closed all doors and started jerk off while she started to put those stockings on her legs.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 12

I wanted to reveal the beauty of my new Rihanna. OMG guys! when she putted those white stockings I wanted to put my cock to her vagina very deeply.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 13

I started to use those Alpha Male techniques and control her mindset. She was moving her ass around. I knew that I cannot become horny. Once I will become horny it is game over.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 21

When I made those shorts tighten her ass looked perfectly. It was typical 10`s ass. So round and so beautiful. That butt was incredible. All guys will start jerk off once they will see it in reality.

Her pussy became wet as you can see thru her shorts. My dick was so hard, but I had higher control than she. This girl was different from all others. I mean she was not prepared for sex at all. She was cold and frigid (did not want to sleep. She was thinking just about renting apartments, but not to get laid). So I needed to shift her focus from apartments to interaction between both of us. Here needs very good PUA game in order to make her horny. This full video is 1hour and 15 minutes duration. So imagine how much time I was gaming her in order to make Same Day Lay

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 20

After 40 minutes I started masturbating her clitoris and you guys cannot imagine!!! How she started to moan!! She started to squeeze my hands once she was experience that pleasure. I bend-ed her over the bed and played with her clitoris.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 25

She was moaning and saying:
-“Och my god!! It is so good!! Och my god!!!! Och my God!!!!“. Later I started to fuck her, touch her ass and enjoy spreading my sperm over her beautiful face.. Those things I show just for Alpha Man Training clients.

This Same Day Lay was something new. I pulled her directly form leasing office to my apartment. Those every pick up lines I said were perfect. It worked really well.

After sex with her my body was so relaxed. I was so confident bad-ass Alpha Male. I went with her outside and returned back. Took Pool`s game stick and hit-ed some balls. I hit-ed them all, because my LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE WAS HIGHER THAN BARRACKS` OBAMA. BECAUSE HE IS UNDER THE FEET OF HIS WOMAN. HE IS BETA MALE. AND HE NEEDS MY TRAINING. I AM SERIOUS.

If you are business person and you wanna learn how to make Same Day Lays, contact with us. To have this skill in your life is very important. And be fast, you cannot learn it just in one weekend.


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  1. Mark says:

    You should sell each video separately

  2. Universalmind says:

    do you try anal with all the girls, if not, how do you know is the right time to fuk her ass?

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