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Same Day Lay – a girl was waiting her friend

same day lay a girl was waiting her friendI saw a girl in the street and I realized that she is that type of girl with whom you can get laid on the same day. She was waiting here friend I said whatever let’s go for a drink and we will wait your friend.She answered: “I don`t know..”

So we went and she bought me a tea. I changed her attitude towards sex. She was not prepared to sit down in my car so I took another place like a park. After that I drove her back to my place. I was imagining how I will touch her legs, ass through her stockings.
Operator could not believe what happened. I took model home after 1 hour. It is simple incredible.

I went to toilet, jerked, and came back with penis outside. I took her for dance, bounced her near window, she bended over and I stacked my penis into her ass and we looked to castle trough the window. She felt my penis but did not say anything. Later I lifted her up and bounced to bedroom. She said: “You are like all men”, I fucked her so strongly that after sex she said that she was feeling some pain in her pussy. After this same day lay I was feeling that no one can stop me in this life.

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